Sunday, January 10, 2010

Harpers' cover up, has exposed alot!!!

I was glad to see Donolo back, and I am glad to see hie is doing what most Canadians wanted the liberals to do years ago; go after Harper with the same gusto he has gone after us.

The difference is Harper goes personal, and the Liberals are going after substance.

The new ads released are fantastic, and I hope the first of more to come.

These ads work, some people may not lie them, but they are effective, and mostly because they are factual. That is what makes a good ad great. And these ads are great.

Well done, keep them coming!!!!!
Here is a link to my favorite one....

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

MacKay out of Cabinet!!!?

It may just be another way they can say it has nothing to do with MacKays horrible performance, but the Cons are now talking about a Cabinet shuffle. Maxine Bernier will be put back into Cabinet according to some sources....

Is MacKay so tarnished that he will be pushed out to make way for a former cabinet member who was once booted out of Cabinet

Lets wait and see.....

BREAKING NEWS!!!! Top General admits abuse

TRhis story gets better and/or sadder each day. For days now the Harper group has said we should be listening to the words of the Top General, not a diplomat. Now that the Top General has admitted there was abuse, I wonder how quickly it will take the Harper Con hacks to start calling him a Taliban dupe or Liberal stooge.

Hats off to the general for being adult enough, and beyond political games, to admit he now has more evidence that does support the claims. This is what real leadership is about.

Faced with overwhelming evidence, can we, no shouldn't we expect a full blown, fully transparent, all the documents uncensored and put forward inquiry?

What will it take, an actual video of abuse before this government admits the matter is one of the most serious in our countries history.

here is the link to the shocking news

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Cheque-gate could mean Harper forces election

Harper is one thing, if nothing else ; power hungry. He wants to be PM with a majority so bad he can barely keep from exploding. That's really what Harpers oh so out of character, Yo-Yo Ma moment was. It was an explosion of the giddy in Stephen Harper that has grown recently. He thinks he can win it all. Could he be getting ready to force an election on Canadians?

Everyone knows the old saying , a week in politics is a lifetime, and Harper may not sing again anytime soon.

The disturbing partisan use of tax payers money for Conservative benefit, is starting to take its toll. We shouldn't be surprised, Harper and his government have gone so far as to put their party logo and pictures of their MP's on government a.k.a tax payers dollars, cheques.

Links on government funded websites have gone to questionable pro harper propaganda. Some people in the bureaucracy have started complaining about the partisan overload. Ethics investigations are being started;

As we saw in the last few years, Harper will cause an election for selfish reasons, and now may be the best chance he has in years.

This is bad for Canadians because Harper will find a very divisive issue to cause an election if his style to date holds true.

Forcing rifts between Canadians for partisan reasons, one more sad line in the currently being written legacy of a government that continues to fail Canadians.

Friday, October 16, 2009

SHOCKER!!! Interracial couple denied marriage license.

I don't really need to say much about this, it's just a shock. They have elected a black president, but some southern boys just can't seem to grasp the fact that we are one race, the human race.

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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Harpers olympic ring toss

This story is another one that I don't think makes a person go hmmmm. I understand the official line is that the government had no idea what the Logo was going to look like. I am not sure if that cuts it. First, since we are hosting the Olympics and taxpayers are shelling out billions to support it, which I am glad we are, you would think the government would be involved in the process. The articles states the decision was made by the Canadian Olympic committee. Does the government not have a rep on that board. They should be involved when billions are at stake.

Once again this doesn't pass the smell test, the logos are so much alike, even if it was a genuine mistake, the right thing to do is to take steps to fix the problem.

This government is vindictive, petty and mean spirited and we the taxpayers, are going to pay for it in the long wrong. When you spend like a drunken sailor and skirt the ethical lines of government spending, fiscal Karma will bite you back. It's usually higher taxes and less services.

Tory times are tough times, just ask Mulroney, and in a few years his good buddy Harper.

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BREAKING NEWS!!! More tory tax dollar abuse

If you thought Gerald Keddy was the only conservative/reformer to give out your tax dollars, and claim it as their own or from their party, you were wrong.

Take a look at the photo and stories of MP's from the conservative party using your tax dollars for self promotion. ( thanks to my informed reader Ted for most of these tips, keep up the thoughtful debate.)
Look at MP Reid in this photo, he is handing out a cheque, and on the cheque it has his name, not even the parties, which was bad enough, but his name.
Remember people, these are tax dollars, handed out under the build canada fund banner. This is a government agency. Whats next, Harper putting his name or party logo on all the tax refund cheques, socail assistance cheques, pensions etc? And while you may think, come on now, thats just not going to happen, take into acount it is exactly what they are doing now. Taking money from you, using it to fund government programs, and claiming the money came from them, its one of the most blatant and disgusting abuses of power I have ever seen.
The ethics commissioner is being asked to investigate, I give the tories 2 weeks before they start trying to ruin the rep of the commissioner, as they have tried to do with the independent budget officer, the former head of the nuclear saftey agency.

This is so unethical it can't be discounted as a simple mistake.

They don't get it, the money is from the pockets of tax payers, its not Tory money, its not money they are giving us, it is our money, they are giving back, and giving back in much higher quantities to their supporters.

I really want to hear any of my con/reform readers explain this one away. Only a true Kool-aid drinker would say this activity is okay.
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Monday, September 28, 2009

Harpers new sponsorhsip scandal!!!???

Some great stories linked below on an issue which is soon to become a full blown scandal, well should become a full blown scandal. Conservative candidates are already admitting only riding's that vote for Harper and his reform/con crew will get any federal help, and tax dollars being used to help Harper stay in power.

You should note, one of the few MP's in his party that Harper allows to speak a lot, is Pierre Polievre. A young MP with little experience, Pierre recently used the term "tar baby". Most of us know this is a terribly racist term, but Harper and Polievre refused to apologize for the crass comments. Well this young clown is sent out to defend the Harper plan. It speaks volumes when Harper sends out a young man, known for his racist slur, to defend his party. It begs the question, why does Harper let this inexperienced, racial slur uttering mouth piece for the party have so much influence and power?

Anyway, enjoy the articles on your tax dollars being used for partisan Conservative propaganda.

Harper is a failed economist

The fact that Harper brags about being an economist should scare us all. Usually something you brag about, is something you are good at, Harper clearly is a failed economist.
First, less then a year ago, he was saying there was no recession coming. He was wrong; stunningly wrong.
When he was a member of the lobbyist world, he screamed about government waste and abuse of tax dollars, and we now see as PM he is one of the most wasteful, disgraceful guardians of our tax dollars ever.
Even groups he used to chair ( NCC) now complain he does exactly what he used to complain about.
We have seem spending on golf balls, trips to exotic sites, and websites that in the end need to be purged of pictures of Harper because the party is accused of misusing tax dollars for political use.

Our deficit is growing everyday, our debt becoming so large that it will take generations to tame ( not that Harper cares, his lot of reformers will be long gone)

Trying to get honest info on infrastructure spending is impossible. Harper says one thing, budget offices say another, and often questions about the money are ignored by this government, or twisted to be used as attacks on others.

Harper, a failed economist and a failed leader. It's time for him to take his long walk in the snow, I am just worried he will try and charge us for his new boots, it seems to be his style.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Harper angry at Non Tories, but loves Mulroney

It's almost on a daily basis now that we see Harpers true colours. In recent days he gladly joined with teh NDP and the Bloc to keep himself in his job, and praised the NDP and Bloc for supporting him. Whats wrong with this you may ask? At its face value nothing. But when taken in proper context, it's another sign of his willingness to say anything at all to hold onto his loose hold on power.

For instance, in mid September, in a secret meeting that he didn't want broadcast, this is what he said about parties working together;

"If they get together and force us to the polls, we have to teach them a lesson and get back there with a majority and make sure their little coalition never happens to this country," Harper said to applause from the partisan crowd.

That to me doesn't sound like someone who wants to see parties work together. My favorite part is his "teach them a lesson" line. What lesson will that be? That cooperation should be punished, that anyone who tries to stop him will be taught a lesson, that it's okay for other parties to work together to keep him in power, but wrong when they work together against him.

It must be hard to be Stephen Harpos brain, everyday getting sent mixed messages. One day the Bloc and NDP are bad, the next, they are allies.

Harpers desire to be King of Canada is so evident now, I am waiting for him to pull out a crown.

IN his attempt to win seats in Quebec he will even go so far as to chum up with Brian " brown paper bags full of money" Mulroney. Mulroney seems to think its okay to not pay taxes ( yes years later , when confronted, he did settle debt), thinks its okay to accept brown paper bags full of money from Karl Heinz Schreiber ( a man charged with bribery amongst other things) in meetings at airport hotels.

Harper will stoop to anything to win votes, and that should scare Canadians. A leader needs to do what helps the country, not what only helps him.

We can do better, and its a sin we aren't. The buck stops with Harper, and the incompetence of his regime is shocking.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Harper joins with Separatists to save his skin

Well it's official, Stephen Harper will say and do anything to stay in power. After spending millions of dollars and hundreds of hours chastising the Liberals for working with the bloc and NDP, calling the cooperation undemocratic and un-canadian, Stephen has joined up with the Separatists and NDP to save his job, for now.

I watched another Harper attack ad, in it his party claims that a deal worked out between the Liberals , NDP and Bloc last fall was just a terrible, terrible thing. Because the tories run their ads at naseum, I have to assume that while the deal between Harper the Separatists and Layton was being worked out, this commercial was being viewed by Canadians.

This is an example of Harpers anything at all to stay in power mentality, he doesn't seem to care that the thing he is now doing, he is actually running attack ads against. He doesn't seem to think its wrong to call the NDP the "bloc anglais", socialist left wing ideologues and vilanize most of the ir policies, then work with them to stay in power.
He doesn't seem to think its wrong to work with a party, the Bloc, who aim to rip apart our country.

The sad reality is this this, by helping the Bloc and the NDP, he is making the Separatists a more legitimate party, and helps them to ultimately achieve their goal of dividing the country.

Mind you I shouldn't be shocked that Harper wants to see our country ripped apart, he always has been hell bent on pitting people and regions against each other, this is his political policy.

What a flip flopper, what a toss away your principles, clutch at straws, say and do anything to stay in power little man Harper IS, not has become, but IS !!

Can we really risk giving this separatist in reform/con clothing person another mandate.

I think not, and now I wait to see more dirty Conservative attack ads, so un-Canadian, so transparent.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Harpers' Hypocritical stance..on just about everything!!!

So Harper is now talking openly about winning the support of the NDP or Bloc to stay in power. This can't be though. No way would Harper, a man who has called the NDP and Bloc every name in the book, and said a deal with either of them by the Liberals was undemocratic.

This is the same man who throws around the term socialist like its a four letter word, and constantly uses it to describe Layton and his party. This is a man who says Ignatieff isn't a true Canadian because he has worked outside our borders. This is a man who fights the supreme courts attempts to save a child soldier from Guantanamo Bay. This is a man who lets Canadians abroad ( mostly those who don't have white skin, what a shame) languish in foreign jails with little or no help from the Harper Conservative government.

Harper has flip flopped on his stances so much that he may go down in history as the most indecisive and perhaps the worst PM ever.

He has flip flopped on his dislike of patronage appointments, appointing a long list of loyal Conservative and reformers to the senate

he has flip flopped on open government, not allowing Ministers to speak, not speaking to reporters, unless they get on his list.

He has flip flopped on Fiscal conservatism, no one can say he is acting like a true fiscal Conservative, because he isn't.

The simple point is this, Harper is not the best we can do, in a country as large as this, as diverse and as caring, do we really deserve a right wing ideologue, who pits people against each other, breaks his own principles and ruins our image around the world.

We need an election, to get a leader who we deserve. The irony of Harper saying an election is wrong, when he broke his own law and caused one just a year ago, is stunning.

Harpers motto seems to be: do what I say, or get punished, and never mind what I do, I am just in it for power

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Rodney and the Ghost of John Hamms' legacy

What a conundrum must be facing former Premier John Hamm. A principled man who garnered support from all parties. His economic leadership was respected by all, and he went to great lengths to ensure a responsible policy for dealing with our provinces massive debt load, a burden future generations will have to deal with. Now his own party has destroyed his legacy.

In his time as Premier Rodney has undermined all those achievements, even suggesting he would after the fact change a law to allow him to break legislation brought in my Dr.Hamm. This law guaranteed certain monies would be set aside for debt repayment.

Rodney has within the last few days shown a complete flip flop. He emphatically said construction and road work would have to stop, and blamed it on the opposition parties. Just yesterday he announced the work could go ahead.
Which is it? Last week he said the work would have to stop, now he says it can go ahead.

Are we to believe that last week he was so clueless that he didn't understand the facts of the issue, or is this just another vote buying plan. To bad for all those workers who spent last week worrying about their jobs......bah humbug is Rodney's attitude.

I love his proven track record campaign slogan. My question is which of the following things should Rodney be pointing to as a sign of his strong record:
Under staffed and resourced Jails and correctional workers
Crumbling roads and bridges.
Immigrant sponsorship boondoggle
Gas regulation confusion and failure
Sunday Shopping regulation chaos
Worst performing economy in Canada according to statscan
Conflict of interest scandal involving cabinet ministers
Car crashes by Cabinet Ministers who flee the scene only to be tailed by reporters
Heather Foley Melvin, close friend and former staff member of Rodney given a plum 6 figure salary.
Atlantic accord betrayal
Massive massive job losses ( a quick count this morning in my riding alone shows several hundred in recent weeks)
1000's without a family doctor
NS power failings

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Peter le Pew

So Mayor Kelly had a lovely swim in the Harbour. He was photographed, and went on to say how it shows he gets tings done, he raised it in his election bid, and beyond his personal connection, it is a huge amount of taxpayers money that has been wasted.

This summer we will notice terrible odours, and more taxpayer money being spent. All because this project was underfunded and poorly planned. Look at other similar size Canadian cities ( Victoria) they are spending more money, because they recognise the dire need to have sewage and water systems that don't damage the environment.

This summer we will host the tall ships, and as tourists look up at the tall masts, lets hope they don't look down at the raw sewage, floating along side the beautiful ships. What a lovely memory.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Mulroneys Muddy mess

The sad part is we will never really know the whole truth.There are so many people, so many accounts, so many willing "fibbers" with lots to lose, and so much murkiness surrounding it that in the end, part of what we think we know will be based on the words we hear from people, whom most of us have at least some credibility issues with.

I defy any Mulroney supporter to give me a real clear, honest and non partisan reason why any Canadian should believe that huge, undeclared cash payments made in hotels aren't beneath the actions of any reasonable business person. And Mulroney was a former PM .

Mulroney needs to take a page from the Ralph Klein book of politics. Say yes I was wrong, it was dumb, I will accept consequence and move on, I am human.

Rodney MacDonald calls an election....well sort of

I hope when you read this article you keep several things in mind. First, Rodney is taking a thumping in opinion polls. He has all but told his team to be ready for an election and he recently has said he will break the law, and spend money to ensure he can say he kept his promise of no deficit, and that still may not happen. Of course Rodney just says he will change the law, nice style, if you don't like the law, change it. Mind you he will most likely amend the law, after he breaks it.
In this article, note how Rodney says, it is contingent on his budget passing. This is his weasel way of trying to make it look like the Liberals and NDP don't care about schools. I can hear Rodney now in a few weeks at a press conference, or during an election, " Look I wanted to give money to schools, but the other parties wouldn't let me."
What's next, offerring money to hungry kids, and accusing the other partied of wanting kids to starve. It's brutal, what a clown.

Keep those things in mind, and tell me if this doesn't sound like a vote buying plan, by a desperate lot.

Who is at the wheel here? Mind you these cabinet Ministers haven't shown the best behind the wheel judgement, in many senses, now have they?

Monday, April 13, 2009

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MacKay gets us 2 for the price of 3, eventually

I sometimes feel bad for Peter. His youthful mistakes and endless need for power had meant he had made many rookie mistakes. That's understandable, it happens. Then you add on Harpers desire to keep Peter, and his leadership ambitions, under wraps, and we saw a Cabinet Minister who was kept in the backgrounds, and only poked his head out to fix a mistake he or his boss had made.

But now he is just turning out to be a weak Minister. The Defense Minister has to have strength both of character and in political ability. MacKay has yet to portay either. He bungles through errors and allows Harper to continue to keep him down. Even as a regional Minister he has been awful. Under his guidance, 1000's of jobs have vanished, our Ports and dock workers have seen contracts lost to BC conservative ridings, and we got stiffed millions in offshore revenue.

I guess its good we find out now that he doesn't have the stuff to hack it, just imagine if he had become PM and we found out, now that would be more than just a little oops...we'd be as screwed as well as....well as well as MacKays career

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Rodneys crazy last days

Rodneys recent decision to ignore his own law and re-direct money away from the debt, and in doing so, harming the fiscal strength of our province going forward, is shocking for several reasons.

First, in precedent, it makes it possible for any government, at anytime, to just change laws after the fact, to make what they did legal. This type of governing is just plain blind and cowardly.

Second, Rodney knows he won't get this passed. He is running camapign ads, commercials, and giving attack style campign focused speeches. Why is this relevant to my point ? It's relevant because it shows dishonesty, it shows a lack of character. Rodney is saying to Nova Scotians that he knows he is going to lose his job ( we all know the tories are done in ns for awhile) and he will say anything to win votes. His budget, which will make up a cornerstone of their election platform, is based on the premise that to pass it, you will have to break the law.

Rodney is bumbling through his final screw up. His days are numbered and soon Rodney will join the ranks of the unemployed. In his search for a new job, I hope he doesn't ask any Nova Scotian for a reference, we all know he wil break laws to try and win, not much of a character trait.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Flahertys fast talking, flip flopping economy ruining plan

The first line says it all, Flaherty is admitting he will foul up and waste our money. This is a new plan, and perhaps for the tories the only one that may work. Instead of saying everything will be fine,( remember Harper and Flaherty said no recession was coming) they now just admit upfront they are going to waste your money.

I would think the plan should be to ensure no mistakes, and that should be the aim, but that's not the tory strategy, it is to admit defeat and tell us now that they are going to waste our money.

I guess the amount of flip flopping and promise breaking we have seen from this party, has finally been accepted as actual party policy. I mean if you do something all the time anyway, you may as well get some credit for it. Too bad for the Canadian taxpayer that the thing the Tories do all the time is waste our money.

What a shame. Now off to work I go, and thank heavens, with the way Harper is blowing through our money we need all the taxpayers we can get.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Terrible Gas pains in Nova Scotia

I get the argument for paying for gas before you fill up, but the gas retailers leave out several key problems/issues. First, by their own design, gas stations have become convenience stores as well, some with tim hortons inside. You now have people who wil have to make two trips in and out of a store to make purchases, crazy talk.

Second, sometimes I want to fill my tank, it rarely comes out to a number like $20, or $30. Do I have to guess, or not fill up. I get the credit card thing, but I don't always want to use it for gas, or can't sometimes.

Third, this sets a terrible precedent. I don't see why almost any business can't ask for money up front first. Many businesses work on billing systems, they may all decide they want money up front. From a cash flow and security stance, it makes sense, money in product out.

Gas stations/big oil companies, spent years laying off employees and bringing in self serve for gas, they encouraged us to come in, shop around. Hell most had magazine racks, movies to rent, food, you name it, none of which was designed to encourage wham bam thank you mam consumerism.

If security is an issue, then bring back full serve gas, but at self serve price, they are making the money back on the chocolate bars and windshield wiper fluid we buy, and it is they who say security is the issue, so take the steps to ensure security, at their own cost, I doubt they would argue employee safety isn't a top priority, so money shouldn't be an issue. But of course it is, it always is.

One more thing, I noted this response from one of Rodneys do nothing except the wrong thing Ministers in regards to employees being liable for stolen gas ( which I think is a damn outrage),

On Tuesday, Labour and Workforce Development Minister Mark Parent said gas-and-dash is more a theft issue than an occupational health and safety issue. He noted his department did make a change in 2005 that ensures employees working during a gas-and-dash usually don’t have to cover the loss.

The word that bothers me is "usually" . So sometimes employees have to pay to cover that cost, and Rodneys crew think that is okay, and indeed passed a law to ensure it. Shameful.

Anyway....sunny in Halifax tommorow..wooooooo

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Back at it! Sorry Steve, you brought it on yourself!

After some technical fine tuning and updates, I am back. Sorry if I caused anyone to miss their daily fix, however much I doubt that is true, I still hope you're glad I am back.

From now on, most updates will be focused on 2-4 times daily. Morning, 6ish and probably later in the evening. These seem to be the best times to hit people who are 1- waking up and checking 2- arriving at work and checking ( don't worry everyone checks daily news, email, facebook etc at work) 3- Checking in after you are home and settled.
This also gives me more time to add better links, updates and full story on topics I am blogging about.
Tell your friends, become a follower ( it's easy) and enjoy!!!!

Here goes:

Let's all be honest here for a minute and look at the bare facts. Fact #1- Harper has been PM for almost 4 years. Fact #2- Our Economy is tanking, jobs are bleeding, industry is collapsing, some economists, not many but some, are using the D word. While the number is few, the credibility of those who think so is without question. And the news agency reporting it, CTV.

Fact #3, while in opposition, and in his younger days as a hill staffer ( I am almost ashamed to that share common bond with him, well maybe ashamed is a tad hard) and Head of a Right wing group, Harper would attack liberal governments for situations they had to deal with while they governed.

He was correct in doing so, a government takes credit for the good that happens under their watch, the burden of failure is also theirs to carry. Harper can't escape this fact.

That has got to be one of my biggest beefs with this government. They talked such a big game about reform, and doing things different during QP, and more transparency and accountability, and on and on about their higher standards, and how have they delivered?
This is the guy who angered journalists and reporters by only allowing certain people to ask questions, thus controlling the type of questions they got. The made a list that you had to be put on by the PM staff. It is the nature of on their toes, facing tough questions from smart educated reporters that helps keep governments in check.

This is the guy who has seen QP become the biggest joke in memory. It was bad under Chretien at times, hell it was bad under most PM's, the nature of QP is adversarial. But Under Harper it is beyond a sad joke. I had the privilege of sitting through many a QP during the Chretien days, and it was loud and partisan, but under Harper, it has become not only louder and more partisan, but the nature of some answers leaves me to wonder if medicinal marijuana wasn't prescribed to some ministers to help calm nerves before they must stand in the house. I have heard MP's ask over and over again for a simple yes or no answer, they almost plead to have just a yes or no, and the answer, 99% of the time ( at least the time i see it) is a partisan slam that often accuses the questioner of some wrong doing. It is almost a sin that hard working MP's ( and yes there are some) have to waste their time sitting through non answer after non answer, when they have real work to do.

If you ever get a chance to watch QP or read Hansard, listen or look carefully, listen to how 30 seconds of talking can say so little.

So there it is, a quick, rambly re-start.
Tomorrows will have some good morning links to start the the weather. Fancy.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

SHOCKER:Bus driver makes 8yr old walk km's in snow,

Super S#*t disturber and all around strike queen Joan Jessome, still giddy from her near strike experience, in which her big pitch was that her drivers care sooooo much about the kids, doesn't have the energy she once had. What else could explain her almost complete silence on the fact that mere days after getting a pay raise and more, her drivers made small children, some as young as 8, walk through treacherous conditions, km's away from the planned drop point.

First, this driver should be fired and not receive any of this retroactive pay. Second, Joan Jessom now has a major credibility crisis on her hands. She used the safety of tax payers children as one of the main reasons her drivers deserved more $ . Granted , it wasn't the only one, but it was a major plank in her sympathy bid. But now we see through the layers of foundation, blush, mascara and lies. We see the real Joan Jessome. A person who will say anything, and do anything to "win". And a person who when faced with her own errors, refuses to fess up and take the punishment. She made a promise, kids safety was #1, she didn't follow through, how can she ever be trusted again?

Look all of you Joany moany supporters. I know she didn't drive the bus, so waste your breathe with that argument. When she makes it clear to everyone and anyone who will listen, over and over and over again, who she is and what she thinks, then she has to take the heat for this. She wants credit for all the good, she wants people to know she is the leader of that Union, we get it Joan.

The key word I used above is leader. She claims to be, and clearly is the leader of that Union, leaders don't let others suffer for their mistakes. If she is going to preach safety is #1, she damn well better to be able to back it up. These are kids, not cakes or flowers or pizza getting delivered, these are humans.

You know with all this flip flopping, constant fight picking, and refusing to own up to her mistakes, she may be just what Harper is looking for in an Senator, and we know how he ikes to appoint like minded people. Take her, PLEASE!!!!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Bill Casey vs the Bully party

I should have been but wasn't shocked. I should have been because the accusation against Casey is ludicrous, hogwash and without merit. I wasn't because nothing Harper does surprises me. This is a dirty smear against a man who just happened to make Harper look really bad. Just coincidence? No way

Bill Casey and Newfoundland and Labrador, unfortunately, have had to take some awful abuse at the hands of Harper. The only silver lining is that this may be the straw that breaks the camels back. Polls recently have shown Canadians place blame for most of the recent Parliament hijinks squarely on Harpers shoulders. He caused all the recent trouble with his hyper partisan attitude. Canadians don't like it. My prediction, polls in the next 2 Weeks show a drop for Harper a bump for Iggy.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009 it and have fun

For those who didn't read the most recent post, before this one, please do, but you don't have to, I am easy.

I want to see what kind of answers i get to this question:

Excluding all Current MP's, who would you most like to see as Prime Minister?

Post you answer in my comments section...this should be fun.

Chretien For PM

Man oh man do I miss Chretien. He knew how to be a Liberal. He knew that obstacles are to be overcome, not used an excuse to do nothing. The Liberal Party was built on moderate, progressive ideas that a large majority of Canadians support. They just need us to show them that we are the party of Canadian values. They needs us to remind them of what we stand for. They need to know that we stand on the side of what is right, no matter the consequence, no matter the fight we face. At the end of the day a well funded campaign wil never beat a campaign built on fairness, equality, openess ,respect and compassion.

I have worked my bum off for years during and in between elections for the Liberal Party. Now this party of Moderates has said they will support a budget which will cost NFLD billions and many people their jobs.

Who is worse, Iggy for going along with it, or Harper for trying to push it through.

I am a fan of Iggy. I have complimented him on his approach, and up until the last few days was okay with the budget. It has been the ensuing equalization issue that has altered my opinion. It was put in the fine print, Harper hoped to squeeze it in, and we all know what this is. Harper, who was destroyed electorally in NFLD because of Premier Williams is a vindictive man, and he is sticking it to the people who don't want him as their PM.

That isn't the kind of leadership we deserve. Ignatieff has been put in a tough spot, and I am glad he was the only leader to allow his MP's to vote with their conscience.

My problem with the support is that once again we are a party that screams bloody murder, we talk big, and then we lay down and play dead.

If we are forced into an election, so be it, yes there is a cost, but the long term cost of having a government in power that has clearly shown no ability to deal with the economic situation is much greater.

And I doubt it would come to that. The GG would almost certainly have to ask Iggy to form a government, he could, and should. Anyone who thinks this shouldn't happen doesn't understand how our system works. It's not a partisan thing, it's a written in law thing.

This budget has failed Canadians. To stand by and watch it happen, to see Harper divide the country, again, and do nothing, is not an option.

What is becoming of our party? Where have all the Liberals gone? Is it too late to bring back Chretien? Maybe he will bring Martin too....oh please come back. Canada needs you, before it's too late. ( If you hadn't noticed, the guy in charge now, not so good)

E-I-E-I Oh no she didnt!!!!

These guys and gals just don't get it. Thousands and thousands of factory workers, mill workers, service industry workers, construction workers etc are losing their jobs because the Harper Reform party can't manage the economy. Now they are saying they don't need to improve EI because they don't think people who are on EI should be living a Lucrative life.

These people don't get average Canadians. A very very large number of Harpers Cabinet is made up of Silver spooners, always had it easy, lots of money, never worried about bills.

Sure there are some in Cabinet who weren't born that way, but I guess their well over $150,000/year salary has made them forget.

I doubt anyone on EI lives a lucrative life. Conservatives look at people without jobs as, welfare bums, lazy, no good etc.,

I wonder if Mrs. Finley would ever consider changing places with someone on EI for just one week, swap salaries, home etc., I guarantee 1- she would never do it, nor would any tory, they like their money.

2-She wouldn't last a day

It's a sin, this government attacks people who are unemployed, during a time in when 100,000+ jobs will be lost, and when people are scared for their future. The stigma of unemployment created by these tories may lead some people who deserve it to not apply. I know I would be worried about applying for a program whose participants the government has disdain for and publicly berates.

I am sure unemployed workers are glad that you added to their stress, by painting them out to be lazy.

Shame on you Harper and Finley, but I shouldn't be surprised, silver spoons can often distort reality.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Gettin' Iggy with it

Ignatieff is Harpers worst nightmare. Smarter, more polished, more human, less likely to shake a small childs hand. The Cons/reformers are scared, and with good reason;

The New York times has recognised what many Canadians are starting to understand. Ignatieff is the new kind of leader we need.

I hope you enjoy this article and some nice poll numbers

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Conservative Myth busted

I have always wondered why the old belief that Tories are the best fiscal managers to be puzzling. Any basic reading of Canadian and American political history shows it to be a complete lie. The Tory times are tough times theory is the accurate one.

This article does one of the best jobs I have seen at very simply explaining why the Conservatives pitch that they are the best economic minds is false, plain and simple!