Thursday, May 14, 2009

Rodney and the Ghost of John Hamms' legacy

What a conundrum must be facing former Premier John Hamm. A principled man who garnered support from all parties. His economic leadership was respected by all, and he went to great lengths to ensure a responsible policy for dealing with our provinces massive debt load, a burden future generations will have to deal with. Now his own party has destroyed his legacy.

In his time as Premier Rodney has undermined all those achievements, even suggesting he would after the fact change a law to allow him to break legislation brought in my Dr.Hamm. This law guaranteed certain monies would be set aside for debt repayment.

Rodney has within the last few days shown a complete flip flop. He emphatically said construction and road work would have to stop, and blamed it on the opposition parties. Just yesterday he announced the work could go ahead.
Which is it? Last week he said the work would have to stop, now he says it can go ahead.

Are we to believe that last week he was so clueless that he didn't understand the facts of the issue, or is this just another vote buying plan. To bad for all those workers who spent last week worrying about their jobs......bah humbug is Rodney's attitude.

I love his proven track record campaign slogan. My question is which of the following things should Rodney be pointing to as a sign of his strong record:
Under staffed and resourced Jails and correctional workers
Crumbling roads and bridges.
Immigrant sponsorship boondoggle
Gas regulation confusion and failure
Sunday Shopping regulation chaos
Worst performing economy in Canada according to statscan
Conflict of interest scandal involving cabinet ministers
Car crashes by Cabinet Ministers who flee the scene only to be tailed by reporters
Heather Foley Melvin, close friend and former staff member of Rodney given a plum 6 figure salary.
Atlantic accord betrayal
Massive massive job losses ( a quick count this morning in my riding alone shows several hundred in recent weeks)
1000's without a family doctor
NS power failings

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