Wednesday, December 9, 2009

BREAKING NEWS!!!! Top General admits abuse

TRhis story gets better and/or sadder each day. For days now the Harper group has said we should be listening to the words of the Top General, not a diplomat. Now that the Top General has admitted there was abuse, I wonder how quickly it will take the Harper Con hacks to start calling him a Taliban dupe or Liberal stooge.

Hats off to the general for being adult enough, and beyond political games, to admit he now has more evidence that does support the claims. This is what real leadership is about.

Faced with overwhelming evidence, can we, no shouldn't we expect a full blown, fully transparent, all the documents uncensored and put forward inquiry?

What will it take, an actual video of abuse before this government admits the matter is one of the most serious in our countries history.

here is the link to the shocking news


  1. Even a video of Peter Mckay himself beating detainees with a truncheon would illicit a flood of denials from this government and a claim that the camcorder was a Taliban stooge.

  2. I recall video evidence of abuse caused by Canadian soldiers in Somalia. The result;An inquiry that was shut down by the Chretien gov't before the facts were allowed to come out.

  3. You are absolutely correct Annonymous ( scared to reveal who you are I see) I think there should have been more of an inquiry into it.

    You also seem to think there should have been more of an inestigation, so why should it be different for the Cons. Or are you just saying that inquiries should only happen into events that happen under libs.

    You need to stop looking at this through the eyes of a complete partisan, my question to you is, do you believe the Countries top soldier or not?

    and as a note, you should rad your own comment, atleast in the somalia affair an inquiry was called and we got thousands more pieces of info than this government will allow

    My guess is the governments new line of answers will be we should let the General look into this first so we don't want to talk about it. If they call an inquiry, I will be the first to give them some credit for finally stepping up