Saturday, October 24, 2009

Cheque-gate could mean Harper forces election

Harper is one thing, if nothing else ; power hungry. He wants to be PM with a majority so bad he can barely keep from exploding. That's really what Harpers oh so out of character, Yo-Yo Ma moment was. It was an explosion of the giddy in Stephen Harper that has grown recently. He thinks he can win it all. Could he be getting ready to force an election on Canadians?

Everyone knows the old saying , a week in politics is a lifetime, and Harper may not sing again anytime soon.

The disturbing partisan use of tax payers money for Conservative benefit, is starting to take its toll. We shouldn't be surprised, Harper and his government have gone so far as to put their party logo and pictures of their MP's on government a.k.a tax payers dollars, cheques.

Links on government funded websites have gone to questionable pro harper propaganda. Some people in the bureaucracy have started complaining about the partisan overload. Ethics investigations are being started;

As we saw in the last few years, Harper will cause an election for selfish reasons, and now may be the best chance he has in years.

This is bad for Canadians because Harper will find a very divisive issue to cause an election if his style to date holds true.

Forcing rifts between Canadians for partisan reasons, one more sad line in the currently being written legacy of a government that continues to fail Canadians.


  1. Bring it on Stevo, bring it on!

  2. The Polls reflect the need for an election.

    1) Adscam Trials are going public now
    2) Quebec Corruption is front page

    Why did the Liberals stop a democratic leadership race to install a Liberal who has been away for 34 years, political cover?

    January Liberals lose Senate majority?

    No need for an election Liberals keep folding like a tent on principle and not because a Poll.

  3. Two weeks ago it was Iggy that was to force an election.He backtracked because he knew he couldn't win.

    Although the timing is favourable for Harper now,my guess is that he'll wait until the spring.
    If the economy recovers well (and it may not) he'll get a majority quite easily in the spring.

  4. Chequescam is bigger than Adscam...Cons are still bringing this up to hide their own "scams"...EAP is nothing more than a partisan vote getting scheme...