Wednesday, October 14, 2009

BREAKING NEWS!!! More tory tax dollar abuse

If you thought Gerald Keddy was the only conservative/reformer to give out your tax dollars, and claim it as their own or from their party, you were wrong.

Take a look at the photo and stories of MP's from the conservative party using your tax dollars for self promotion. ( thanks to my informed reader Ted for most of these tips, keep up the thoughtful debate.)
Look at MP Reid in this photo, he is handing out a cheque, and on the cheque it has his name, not even the parties, which was bad enough, but his name.
Remember people, these are tax dollars, handed out under the build canada fund banner. This is a government agency. Whats next, Harper putting his name or party logo on all the tax refund cheques, socail assistance cheques, pensions etc? And while you may think, come on now, thats just not going to happen, take into acount it is exactly what they are doing now. Taking money from you, using it to fund government programs, and claiming the money came from them, its one of the most blatant and disgusting abuses of power I have ever seen.
The ethics commissioner is being asked to investigate, I give the tories 2 weeks before they start trying to ruin the rep of the commissioner, as they have tried to do with the independent budget officer, the former head of the nuclear saftey agency.

This is so unethical it can't be discounted as a simple mistake.

They don't get it, the money is from the pockets of tax payers, its not Tory money, its not money they are giving us, it is our money, they are giving back, and giving back in much higher quantities to their supporters.

I really want to hear any of my con/reform readers explain this one away. Only a true Kool-aid drinker would say this activity is okay.
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  1. A couple of more examples: Here, which also refers to several others who have done the same, and here.

    Say Anything Steve is not just trying to change the national logo, but also the national slogan from "from sea to sea" to "your money, my friends".