Monday, September 28, 2009

Harpers new sponsorhsip scandal!!!???

Some great stories linked below on an issue which is soon to become a full blown scandal, well should become a full blown scandal. Conservative candidates are already admitting only riding's that vote for Harper and his reform/con crew will get any federal help, and tax dollars being used to help Harper stay in power.

You should note, one of the few MP's in his party that Harper allows to speak a lot, is Pierre Polievre. A young MP with little experience, Pierre recently used the term "tar baby". Most of us know this is a terribly racist term, but Harper and Polievre refused to apologize for the crass comments. Well this young clown is sent out to defend the Harper plan. It speaks volumes when Harper sends out a young man, known for his racist slur, to defend his party. It begs the question, why does Harper let this inexperienced, racial slur uttering mouth piece for the party have so much influence and power?

Anyway, enjoy the articles on your tax dollars being used for partisan Conservative propaganda.


  1. Sponsorship Scandal? Did the Conservative party receive kickbacks in brown envelopes? Were there secret meetings in tacky Italian restaurants? Or is this just about where the money was legally spent? I see two easy rebuttals to this. First, the Shawinigan fountain and all the other graft that landed in Liberal ridings. Two, isn't Toronto, that bastion of Liberal viters getting one hell of a whack of cash? But please, don't let me stop you reminding voters of the sponsorship scandal. Really!

  2. Wow, do you actually read any of the articles?

    To correct your falsehoods and answer your questions; 1- Harper and his good buddy Mulroney know all about cash in brown envelopes.2- The bureaucrats who started the sposnsorship scandal were in place under the previous tory government, and fired by the liberals. 3- Toronto does get lots of money, but if you took time to look at how the money is being spent, and put it into context, Toronto is getting terribly short changed by the Cons. 4- When Harper was chair of the NCC ( a right wing/republican group) he railed against the spending he now perpetrates.

    I guess you ignore the facts and spout only tory lines...its a sin, you would enjoy some education

  3. Until Liberals start to acknowledge the responsibility they have for the real Sponsorship Scandal (i.e. it wasn't the fault of bureaucrats), and atone for the enormous damage they did to the average Canadian's faith in honest government, I suggest you only do yourselves damage by equating potential political pork (not exclusive to any party - done in the past with expertise by Liberals) with outright malfeasance and theft. The more you try to disclaim responsibility, the less anybody will believe you have learned any lessons.

    You are in no position to lecture anybody on ignoring the facts, although from my perspective, I'm extremely happy that you care to keep the words "Sponsorship Scandal" alive. The only party currently wearing that mantle is the LPC.

  4. Anonymous at 11:51 said Liberals should "atone for the enormous damage they did to the average Canadian's faith in honest government".

    I have 2 words for you: Brian Mulroney.

  5. I've got a whole lot more names for you than that: