Monday, September 28, 2009

Harper is a failed economist

The fact that Harper brags about being an economist should scare us all. Usually something you brag about, is something you are good at, Harper clearly is a failed economist.
First, less then a year ago, he was saying there was no recession coming. He was wrong; stunningly wrong.
When he was a member of the lobbyist world, he screamed about government waste and abuse of tax dollars, and we now see as PM he is one of the most wasteful, disgraceful guardians of our tax dollars ever.
Even groups he used to chair ( NCC) now complain he does exactly what he used to complain about.
We have seem spending on golf balls, trips to exotic sites, and websites that in the end need to be purged of pictures of Harper because the party is accused of misusing tax dollars for political use.

Our deficit is growing everyday, our debt becoming so large that it will take generations to tame ( not that Harper cares, his lot of reformers will be long gone)

Trying to get honest info on infrastructure spending is impossible. Harper says one thing, budget offices say another, and often questions about the money are ignored by this government, or twisted to be used as attacks on others.

Harper, a failed economist and a failed leader. It's time for him to take his long walk in the snow, I am just worried he will try and charge us for his new boots, it seems to be his style.

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