Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Harpers' Hypocritical stance..on just about everything!!!

So Harper is now talking openly about winning the support of the NDP or Bloc to stay in power. This can't be though. No way would Harper, a man who has called the NDP and Bloc every name in the book, and said a deal with either of them by the Liberals was undemocratic.

This is the same man who throws around the term socialist like its a four letter word, and constantly uses it to describe Layton and his party. This is a man who says Ignatieff isn't a true Canadian because he has worked outside our borders. This is a man who fights the supreme courts attempts to save a child soldier from Guantanamo Bay. This is a man who lets Canadians abroad ( mostly those who don't have white skin, what a shame) languish in foreign jails with little or no help from the Harper Conservative government.

Harper has flip flopped on his stances so much that he may go down in history as the most indecisive and perhaps the worst PM ever.

He has flip flopped on his dislike of patronage appointments, appointing a long list of loyal Conservative and reformers to the senate

he has flip flopped on open government, not allowing Ministers to speak, not speaking to reporters, unless they get on his list.

He has flip flopped on Fiscal conservatism, no one can say he is acting like a true fiscal Conservative, because he isn't.

The simple point is this, Harper is not the best we can do, in a country as large as this, as diverse and as caring, do we really deserve a right wing ideologue, who pits people against each other, breaks his own principles and ruins our image around the world.

We need an election, to get a leader who we deserve. The irony of Harper saying an election is wrong, when he broke his own law and caused one just a year ago, is stunning.

Harpers motto seems to be: do what I say, or get punished, and never mind what I do, I am just in it for power

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  1. Here is a good one from Saturday, Press release:
    A Conservative Majority would bring Canada to its knees, by allowing Harper free reign, to teach the Progressives a lesson.
    How very nice.....