Friday, September 25, 2009

Harper angry at Non Tories, but loves Mulroney

It's almost on a daily basis now that we see Harpers true colours. In recent days he gladly joined with teh NDP and the Bloc to keep himself in his job, and praised the NDP and Bloc for supporting him. Whats wrong with this you may ask? At its face value nothing. But when taken in proper context, it's another sign of his willingness to say anything at all to hold onto his loose hold on power.

For instance, in mid September, in a secret meeting that he didn't want broadcast, this is what he said about parties working together;

"If they get together and force us to the polls, we have to teach them a lesson and get back there with a majority and make sure their little coalition never happens to this country," Harper said to applause from the partisan crowd.

That to me doesn't sound like someone who wants to see parties work together. My favorite part is his "teach them a lesson" line. What lesson will that be? That cooperation should be punished, that anyone who tries to stop him will be taught a lesson, that it's okay for other parties to work together to keep him in power, but wrong when they work together against him.

It must be hard to be Stephen Harpos brain, everyday getting sent mixed messages. One day the Bloc and NDP are bad, the next, they are allies.

Harpers desire to be King of Canada is so evident now, I am waiting for him to pull out a crown.

IN his attempt to win seats in Quebec he will even go so far as to chum up with Brian " brown paper bags full of money" Mulroney. Mulroney seems to think its okay to not pay taxes ( yes years later , when confronted, he did settle debt), thinks its okay to accept brown paper bags full of money from Karl Heinz Schreiber ( a man charged with bribery amongst other things) in meetings at airport hotels.

Harper will stoop to anything to win votes, and that should scare Canadians. A leader needs to do what helps the country, not what only helps him.

We can do better, and its a sin we aren't. The buck stops with Harper, and the incompetence of his regime is shocking.

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