Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Harper joins with Separatists to save his skin

Well it's official, Stephen Harper will say and do anything to stay in power. After spending millions of dollars and hundreds of hours chastising the Liberals for working with the bloc and NDP, calling the cooperation undemocratic and un-canadian, Stephen has joined up with the Separatists and NDP to save his job, for now.

I watched another Harper attack ad, in it his party claims that a deal worked out between the Liberals , NDP and Bloc last fall was just a terrible, terrible thing. Because the tories run their ads at naseum, I have to assume that while the deal between Harper the Separatists and Layton was being worked out, this commercial was being viewed by Canadians.

This is an example of Harpers anything at all to stay in power mentality, he doesn't seem to care that the thing he is now doing, he is actually running attack ads against. He doesn't seem to think its wrong to call the NDP the "bloc anglais", socialist left wing ideologues and vilanize most of the ir policies, then work with them to stay in power.
He doesn't seem to think its wrong to work with a party, the Bloc, who aim to rip apart our country.

The sad reality is this this, by helping the Bloc and the NDP, he is making the Separatists a more legitimate party, and helps them to ultimately achieve their goal of dividing the country.

Mind you I shouldn't be shocked that Harper wants to see our country ripped apart, he always has been hell bent on pitting people and regions against each other, this is his political policy.

What a flip flopper, what a toss away your principles, clutch at straws, say and do anything to stay in power little man Harper IS, not has become, but IS !!

Can we really risk giving this separatist in reform/con clothing person another mandate.

I think not, and now I wait to see more dirty Conservative attack ads, so un-Canadian, so transparent.


  1. I totally agree with you on this topic !!!!

  2. So I open up a blog site and see the following...

    "It is not very often that one gets to witness "a leadership frontrunner" immolate his own candidacy so blithely, so recklessly, but if you click here and you peer inside, you will see the corpse of Michael Ignatieff's vaulting ambition . He is done - and if he isn't, he should be."

    The author...Warren Kinsella Liberal strategist.