Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Harpers olympic ring toss

This story is another one that I don't think makes a person go hmmmm. I understand the official line is that the government had no idea what the Logo was going to look like. I am not sure if that cuts it. First, since we are hosting the Olympics and taxpayers are shelling out billions to support it, which I am glad we are, you would think the government would be involved in the process. The articles states the decision was made by the Canadian Olympic committee. Does the government not have a rep on that board. They should be involved when billions are at stake.

Once again this doesn't pass the smell test, the logos are so much alike, even if it was a genuine mistake, the right thing to do is to take steps to fix the problem.

This government is vindictive, petty and mean spirited and we the taxpayers, are going to pay for it in the long wrong. When you spend like a drunken sailor and skirt the ethical lines of government spending, fiscal Karma will bite you back. It's usually higher taxes and less services.

Tory times are tough times, just ask Mulroney, and in a few years his good buddy Harper.

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