Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Christmas truce?

I wasa glad to see the concilliatory, and open minded answers given by MP's Brison and McCallum. To say they are taking the Finance Ministers word on the budget and promised information sharing, shows they are ready to get beyond politics, and extend more than an olive branch, lets call it a sturdy piece of lumber, to the Conservatives. Take into account the over the top partisan gamesmanship Harper used in his first economic statement, coupled with his only recent acceptance of deficits and reccession, something he called opposition members fear mongers for bringing up, and you can see where I am going. Harper has done little if anything to give these MP's reason to believe anything he says ( oh did I forget to mention atlantic accord, income trusts, Widows of veterens aid as other Harper flip flops). Yet, they go in front of the cameras, and tell the country they are ready and willing to work together, and said they were promised more information, in a timely manner. We take him at his word, is what they basically say. I liked the sound of that, and then it happened, some governement spokesman said the liberals shouldn't get too excited, and that the first statement was realistic at the time, not misleading etc., wow, couldn't they have just said, yeah it was a great meeting, no no, they had to be partisan, puff out their chests, and continue to admit that there was anything wrong with the first statement. And there I was, hoping for a Christmas truce, but we may end up with a January steal a line from a great Christmas movie, if politics in Canada could talk, i am sure it would say, Wait, my mouths bleeding? How about that, Bert, my mouths bleeding!

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