Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Did he even have a plan beyond the election.

I wonder if PM Stevie let his economic and policy advisors off during the election and allowed his camapign staff to chart his future course, cause ever since, this is a person who has little direction, and dithers from one blunder to another. During the election, Stevie was furious that the other parties said we would be in deficit. He called them fear mongers, said it wasn't going to happen and he was incredulous in his anger towards any journalist or citizen who dared suggest it might happen. If you read today's globe and mail, or if you were unlucky enough to have seen Steve " I'll play that tape anyway" Murphy lob easy questions in an almost giddy way at him ( is it possible steve has a crush on stevie), you will know what I mean. Harper is now calling for a deficit, his new budget will have deficit spending ( something he said mere days ago wouldn't happen), and he says we are heading for some of the most uncertain times in our countries history. So, in the last few days we have learned this, 1- Harper, an economist he claims, was the only leader of a national party( and for that part one of the only Canadians) who didn't see this coming, only a month or so ago. He said no recession, no deficit. 2- While Canadians loses their jobs by the thousands, Harper and his conservative party decided to call an early vacation for themselves, isn't there work to be done? 3- Harper doesn't understand the constitution. He said, on national TV, that the coalition had no right to govern in our system, even a first year poli sci student could tell you he was wrong. Which begs the question, when you look at how blatantly wrong he was; an economist way off on the economy, a leader of a Parliament unaware of basic parliamentary procedures, was he really just wrong about all these major issues ( clearly rebuking his peoples belief that he is the smartest guy in the room always) or did he say what he had to, just to get elected, facts aside?

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