Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Six Degrees of Bernie Madoff?

If I just heard CNN correctly, Kevin Bacon was caught up in the Bernie Madoff Ponzie Scheme, how unfortunate for Mr.Bacon and his family, and I truly feel sorry for him, but my god, there has to be a comedian somewhere who can see the foundation for a solid joke here. I just can't remember what film I saw Madoff in.....( Please take note all you fact freaks, I am aware Madoff is not an actor, it's an attempted joke)

I like how the give it a funny sounding name, a Ponzie scheme. I know the story, about the name ponzie, but still, it sounds like some kind of scheme pulled by a muppets character. This is some serious, massive fraud on a scale rarely, if ever seen before. Some of the uber-rich, some of the best business and investment minds, along with many other investors lost a ton of cash. Maddoff reportedly was a regular at many of the most exclusive country clubs, yacht cubs etc., these circles must be spinning now, I'd hate to be a new upstart looking for investors among that crowd now.

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