Monday, April 13, 2009

MacKay gets us 2 for the price of 3, eventually

I sometimes feel bad for Peter. His youthful mistakes and endless need for power had meant he had made many rookie mistakes. That's understandable, it happens. Then you add on Harpers desire to keep Peter, and his leadership ambitions, under wraps, and we saw a Cabinet Minister who was kept in the backgrounds, and only poked his head out to fix a mistake he or his boss had made.

But now he is just turning out to be a weak Minister. The Defense Minister has to have strength both of character and in political ability. MacKay has yet to portay either. He bungles through errors and allows Harper to continue to keep him down. Even as a regional Minister he has been awful. Under his guidance, 1000's of jobs have vanished, our Ports and dock workers have seen contracts lost to BC conservative ridings, and we got stiffed millions in offshore revenue.

I guess its good we find out now that he doesn't have the stuff to hack it, just imagine if he had become PM and we found out, now that would be more than just a little oops...we'd be as screwed as well as....well as well as MacKays career

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