Thursday, April 9, 2009

Rodneys crazy last days

Rodneys recent decision to ignore his own law and re-direct money away from the debt, and in doing so, harming the fiscal strength of our province going forward, is shocking for several reasons.

First, in precedent, it makes it possible for any government, at anytime, to just change laws after the fact, to make what they did legal. This type of governing is just plain blind and cowardly.

Second, Rodney knows he won't get this passed. He is running camapign ads, commercials, and giving attack style campign focused speeches. Why is this relevant to my point ? It's relevant because it shows dishonesty, it shows a lack of character. Rodney is saying to Nova Scotians that he knows he is going to lose his job ( we all know the tories are done in ns for awhile) and he will say anything to win votes. His budget, which will make up a cornerstone of their election platform, is based on the premise that to pass it, you will have to break the law.

Rodney is bumbling through his final screw up. His days are numbered and soon Rodney will join the ranks of the unemployed. In his search for a new job, I hope he doesn't ask any Nova Scotian for a reference, we all know he wil break laws to try and win, not much of a character trait.

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  1. "we all know the tories are done in ns for awhile"...From your mouth (computer) to gods ears. Here's hopin'.
    As for breaking their own laws... these are the same genius minds that took one teeny tiny piece of a judgement regarding Sunday shopping and threw out the whole goddman thing. After the people spoke and said they were against it they decided they were for it so that vote didn't count. Well I'll tell you one vote that WILL count, mine when I vote AGAINST the Tories. Sadly I won't be voting FOR a candidate as much as I'll be voting against one...