Thursday, February 26, 2009

Flahertys fast talking, flip flopping economy ruining plan

The first line says it all, Flaherty is admitting he will foul up and waste our money. This is a new plan, and perhaps for the tories the only one that may work. Instead of saying everything will be fine,( remember Harper and Flaherty said no recession was coming) they now just admit upfront they are going to waste your money.

I would think the plan should be to ensure no mistakes, and that should be the aim, but that's not the tory strategy, it is to admit defeat and tell us now that they are going to waste our money.

I guess the amount of flip flopping and promise breaking we have seen from this party, has finally been accepted as actual party policy. I mean if you do something all the time anyway, you may as well get some credit for it. Too bad for the Canadian taxpayer that the thing the Tories do all the time is waste our money.

What a shame. Now off to work I go, and thank heavens, with the way Harper is blowing through our money we need all the taxpayers we can get.

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