Tuesday, February 3, 2009

E-I-E-I Oh no she didnt!!!!

These guys and gals just don't get it. Thousands and thousands of factory workers, mill workers, service industry workers, construction workers etc are losing their jobs because the Harper Reform party can't manage the economy. Now they are saying they don't need to improve EI because they don't think people who are on EI should be living a Lucrative life.

These people don't get average Canadians. A very very large number of Harpers Cabinet is made up of Silver spooners, always had it easy, lots of money, never worried about bills.

Sure there are some in Cabinet who weren't born that way, but I guess their well over $150,000/year salary has made them forget.

I doubt anyone on EI lives a lucrative life. Conservatives look at people without jobs as, welfare bums, lazy, no good etc.,

I wonder if Mrs. Finley would ever consider changing places with someone on EI for just one week, swap salaries, home etc., I guarantee 1- she would never do it, nor would any tory, they like their money.

2-She wouldn't last a day

It's a sin, this government attacks people who are unemployed, during a time in when 100,000+ jobs will be lost, and when people are scared for their future. The stigma of unemployment created by these tories may lead some people who deserve it to not apply. I know I would be worried about applying for a program whose participants the government has disdain for and publicly berates.

I am sure unemployed workers are glad that you added to their stress, by painting them out to be lazy.

Shame on you Harper and Finley, but I shouldn't be surprised, silver spoons can often distort reality.

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