Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Back at it! Sorry Steve, you brought it on yourself!

After some technical fine tuning and updates, I am back. Sorry if I caused anyone to miss their daily fix, however much I doubt that is true, I still hope you're glad I am back.

From now on, most updates will be focused on 2-4 times daily. Morning, 6ish and probably later in the evening. These seem to be the best times to hit people who are 1- waking up and checking 2- arriving at work and checking ( don't worry everyone checks daily news, email, facebook etc at work) 3- Checking in after you are home and settled.
This also gives me more time to add better links, updates and full story on topics I am blogging about.
Tell your friends, become a follower ( it's easy) and enjoy!!!!

Here goes:

Let's all be honest here for a minute and look at the bare facts. Fact #1- Harper has been PM for almost 4 years. Fact #2- Our Economy is tanking, jobs are bleeding, industry is collapsing, some economists, not many but some, are using the D word. While the number is few, the credibility of those who think so is without question. And the news agency reporting it, CTV.

Fact #3, while in opposition, and in his younger days as a hill staffer ( I am almost ashamed to that share common bond with him, well maybe ashamed is a tad hard) and Head of a Right wing group, Harper would attack liberal governments for situations they had to deal with while they governed.

He was correct in doing so, a government takes credit for the good that happens under their watch, the burden of failure is also theirs to carry. Harper can't escape this fact.

That has got to be one of my biggest beefs with this government. They talked such a big game about reform, and doing things different during QP, and more transparency and accountability, and on and on about their higher standards, and how have they delivered?
This is the guy who angered journalists and reporters by only allowing certain people to ask questions, thus controlling the type of questions they got. The made a list that you had to be put on by the PM staff. It is the nature of on their toes, facing tough questions from smart educated reporters that helps keep governments in check.

This is the guy who has seen QP become the biggest joke in memory. It was bad under Chretien at times, hell it was bad under most PM's, the nature of QP is adversarial. But Under Harper it is beyond a sad joke. I had the privilege of sitting through many a QP during the Chretien days, and it was loud and partisan, but under Harper, it has become not only louder and more partisan, but the nature of some answers leaves me to wonder if medicinal marijuana wasn't prescribed to some ministers to help calm nerves before they must stand in the house. I have heard MP's ask over and over again for a simple yes or no answer, they almost plead to have just a yes or no, and the answer, 99% of the time ( at least the time i see it) is a partisan slam that often accuses the questioner of some wrong doing. It is almost a sin that hard working MP's ( and yes there are some) have to waste their time sitting through non answer after non answer, when they have real work to do.

If you ever get a chance to watch QP or read Hansard, listen or look carefully, listen to how 30 seconds of talking can say so little.

So there it is, a quick, rambly re-start.
Tomorrows will have some good morning links to start the day...plus the weather. Fancy.

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