Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Chretien For PM

Man oh man do I miss Chretien. He knew how to be a Liberal. He knew that obstacles are to be overcome, not used an excuse to do nothing. The Liberal Party was built on moderate, progressive ideas that a large majority of Canadians support. They just need us to show them that we are the party of Canadian values. They needs us to remind them of what we stand for. They need to know that we stand on the side of what is right, no matter the consequence, no matter the fight we face. At the end of the day a well funded campaign wil never beat a campaign built on fairness, equality, openess ,respect and compassion.

I have worked my bum off for years during and in between elections for the Liberal Party. Now this party of Moderates has said they will support a budget which will cost NFLD billions and many people their jobs.

Who is worse, Iggy for going along with it, or Harper for trying to push it through.

I am a fan of Iggy. I have complimented him on his approach, and up until the last few days was okay with the budget. It has been the ensuing equalization issue that has altered my opinion. It was put in the fine print, Harper hoped to squeeze it in, and we all know what this is. Harper, who was destroyed electorally in NFLD because of Premier Williams is a vindictive man, and he is sticking it to the people who don't want him as their PM.

That isn't the kind of leadership we deserve. Ignatieff has been put in a tough spot, and I am glad he was the only leader to allow his MP's to vote with their conscience.

My problem with the support is that once again we are a party that screams bloody murder, we talk big, and then we lay down and play dead.

If we are forced into an election, so be it, yes there is a cost, but the long term cost of having a government in power that has clearly shown no ability to deal with the economic situation is much greater.

And I doubt it would come to that. The GG would almost certainly have to ask Iggy to form a government, he could, and should. Anyone who thinks this shouldn't happen doesn't understand how our system works. It's not a partisan thing, it's a written in law thing.

This budget has failed Canadians. To stand by and watch it happen, to see Harper divide the country, again, and do nothing, is not an option.

What is becoming of our party? Where have all the Liberals gone? Is it too late to bring back Chretien? Maybe he will bring Martin too....oh please come back. Canada needs you, before it's too late. ( If you hadn't noticed, the guy in charge now, not so good)


  1. ...Or would you rather have an election, that would cause futher unreasonable delay, complete poltical chaos, and NO plan, which costs even more jobs!?

  2. MLM, that is a bullshit answer. It is better to do it right rather than have Harper doing it wrong for the next two or more years!

  3. If you believe this budget will actually cost the province of Newfoundland and Labrador billions in cash as well as many lost jobs, someone has been feeding you a complete line of BS.

  4. I doubt two years, Cat.

    With your prejudice, you're no better than loudmouth Layton.

  5. "I am glad he was the only leader to allow his MP's to vote with their conscience."

    I'm sorry, he ordered his caucus to vote for the budget and was forced to concede when members from Newfoundland objected. He didn't allow anyone to vote their conscience. They foisted it upon him and he caved just like he did to the Tories on the budget.

    I like Iggy and he may prove himself to be worthy of the PMs seat, but at least present an honest account of what happened alongside partisan spin.

  6. sorry there anonymous, but you are misinformed. It was a vote of conscience. He didn't order his caucus to do anything. If he had then the 6 would be punished, but they aren't. Liberal party is all about differing views, not iron fist rule with old policies