Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Terrible Gas pains in Nova Scotia

I get the argument for paying for gas before you fill up, but the gas retailers leave out several key problems/issues. First, by their own design, gas stations have become convenience stores as well, some with tim hortons inside. You now have people who wil have to make two trips in and out of a store to make purchases, crazy talk.

Second, sometimes I want to fill my tank, it rarely comes out to a number like $20, or $30. Do I have to guess, or not fill up. I get the credit card thing, but I don't always want to use it for gas, or can't sometimes.

Third, this sets a terrible precedent. I don't see why almost any business can't ask for money up front first. Many businesses work on billing systems, they may all decide they want money up front. From a cash flow and security stance, it makes sense, money in product out.

Gas stations/big oil companies, spent years laying off employees and bringing in self serve for gas, they encouraged us to come in, shop around. Hell most had magazine racks, movies to rent, food, you name it, none of which was designed to encourage wham bam thank you mam consumerism.

If security is an issue, then bring back full serve gas, but at self serve price, they are making the money back on the chocolate bars and windshield wiper fluid we buy, and it is they who say security is the issue, so take the steps to ensure security, at their own cost, I doubt they would argue employee safety isn't a top priority, so money shouldn't be an issue. But of course it is, it always is.

One more thing, I noted this response from one of Rodneys do nothing except the wrong thing Ministers in regards to employees being liable for stolen gas ( which I think is a damn outrage),

On Tuesday, Labour and Workforce Development Minister Mark Parent said gas-and-dash is more a theft issue than an occupational health and safety issue. He noted his department did make a change in 2005 that ensures employees working during a gas-and-dash usually don’t have to cover the loss.

The word that bothers me is "usually" . So sometimes employees have to pay to cover that cost, and Rodneys crew think that is okay, and indeed passed a law to ensure it. Shameful.

Anyway....sunny in Halifax tommorow..wooooooo

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