Thursday, February 5, 2009

SHOCKER:Bus driver makes 8yr old walk km's in snow,

Super S#*t disturber and all around strike queen Joan Jessome, still giddy from her near strike experience, in which her big pitch was that her drivers care sooooo much about the kids, doesn't have the energy she once had. What else could explain her almost complete silence on the fact that mere days after getting a pay raise and more, her drivers made small children, some as young as 8, walk through treacherous conditions, km's away from the planned drop point.

First, this driver should be fired and not receive any of this retroactive pay. Second, Joan Jessom now has a major credibility crisis on her hands. She used the safety of tax payers children as one of the main reasons her drivers deserved more $ . Granted , it wasn't the only one, but it was a major plank in her sympathy bid. But now we see through the layers of foundation, blush, mascara and lies. We see the real Joan Jessome. A person who will say anything, and do anything to "win". And a person who when faced with her own errors, refuses to fess up and take the punishment. She made a promise, kids safety was #1, she didn't follow through, how can she ever be trusted again?

Look all of you Joany moany supporters. I know she didn't drive the bus, so waste your breathe with that argument. When she makes it clear to everyone and anyone who will listen, over and over and over again, who she is and what she thinks, then she has to take the heat for this. She wants credit for all the good, she wants people to know she is the leader of that Union, we get it Joan.

The key word I used above is leader. She claims to be, and clearly is the leader of that Union, leaders don't let others suffer for their mistakes. If she is going to preach safety is #1, she damn well better to be able to back it up. These are kids, not cakes or flowers or pizza getting delivered, these are humans.

You know with all this flip flopping, constant fight picking, and refusing to own up to her mistakes, she may be just what Harper is looking for in an Senator, and we know how he ikes to appoint like minded people. Take her, PLEASE!!!!

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