Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Rodney MacDonald calls an election....well sort of

I hope when you read this article you keep several things in mind. First, Rodney is taking a thumping in opinion polls. He has all but told his team to be ready for an election and he recently has said he will break the law, and spend money to ensure he can say he kept his promise of no deficit, and that still may not happen. Of course Rodney just says he will change the law, nice style, if you don't like the law, change it. Mind you he will most likely amend the law, after he breaks it.
In this article, note how Rodney says, it is contingent on his budget passing. This is his weasel way of trying to make it look like the Liberals and NDP don't care about schools. I can hear Rodney now in a few weeks at a press conference, or during an election, " Look I wanted to give money to schools, but the other parties wouldn't let me."
What's next, offerring money to hungry kids, and accusing the other partied of wanting kids to starve. It's brutal, what a clown.

Keep those things in mind, and tell me if this doesn't sound like a vote buying plan, by a desperate lot.

Who is at the wheel here? Mind you these cabinet Ministers haven't shown the best behind the wheel judgement, in many senses, now have they?

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