Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Mulroneys Muddy mess

The sad part is we will never really know the whole truth.There are so many people, so many accounts, so many willing "fibbers" with lots to lose, and so much murkiness surrounding it that in the end, part of what we think we know will be based on the words we hear from people, whom most of us have at least some credibility issues with.

I defy any Mulroney supporter to give me a real clear, honest and non partisan reason why any Canadian should believe that huge, undeclared cash payments made in hotels aren't beneath the actions of any reasonable business person. And Mulroney was a former PM .

Mulroney needs to take a page from the Ralph Klein book of politics. Say yes I was wrong, it was dumb, I will accept consequence and move on, I am human.

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