Thursday, January 22, 2009

Bourque Newswatch or " Con Spin doctor"

I used to respect Bourque Newswatch. It was a great way to get the headlines, etc., He always has been, but recently it's gotten worse, in love with anything Conservative.

No mention of $105 billion debt, no mention of Income trust flip flops. I once wrote him a note, asking why he was so harsh on Liberals, his response to me was to call me a name and spout some Tory spin.

Look at Bourque today, nice picture of MacKay, some feel good fluff, and a few stories trashing the coalition. Bourque was quick to highligt a poll that showed a majority were against Coalition. Those numbers are now reversed, Harper is slipping into George Bush popularity realm, and Bourque won't show those stories.

What we need is a new Honest, Fair and Balanced alternative to Bourque. His tired old Conservative views are better left to the cave dwellers and knuckle draggers who support Harpers neo-con view of everything, then to moderate, fair minded Canadians.

I wonder if Bourque will post an Articles as headliners on his page outlining Harpers line of broken promises. Or does Bourque want a Senate seat too.


  1. Don't know if he is in love with anything Conservative so much as I think he is in love with the money they pay him. Apparently you can buy headlines.

  2. There is an alternative that's fantastic - fairer, more balanced, more content, and easier to read.

    Check it out

  3. What is very interesting is how Bourque and Newswatch so very very often cover the exact same articles - even the odd ones, like Pat Burns having cancer - using the exact same heading (that is, when Bourque doesn't torque his headings for the Conservatives).

    Newswatch is good, but this is one of those coincidences that just make you go hmmmmm.