Thursday, January 8, 2009

Harper to fill more senate vacancies with Party supporters

So Stephen Harper, who for years railed against partisan appointments tothe Senate, and just recently appointed 18 of his supporters to said Senate, one of which is a 34 year old man charged with innappropriate sexual behavious towards co-workers, now plans to appoint even more. This has to rate up there as one of the biggest Flip Flops in Canadian political history. Harper says he wants to have a majority in the Senate, do any of us think he will appoint any moderates, no they have clearly shown that all appointees must be reform or Con supporters. Harper is on record as having said he is against appointments to the senate, he has made them just as easily as any other PM, but others have been less partisan.

As summed up by Harpers close advisor and Mulroney Mouth Piece Marjory LeBreton, "
Conservative Senator Marjory LeBreton said that if the government fills the seats upon vacancy, by the end of 2009 there will be 49 Conservatives and 50 Liberals.
But by the next month - in January, 2010 - the numbers will reverse and the Tories will have 50 Senators and the Liberals will occupy 49 seats with the retirement of Toronto Liberal Senator Jerry Grafstein."

For a man who gained power by claiming he would get rid of the senate, he has been more active in appointing people to it than any PM in modern History. Flip flop, flip flop.............

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