Friday, January 30, 2009

Scott Andrews / Kid Newfoundland does whats right!

Hats off to Scott Andrews. The Liberal MP from the Rock has shown a Bill Casey"esque" quality, and is moving ever closer to Folk Hero Status in his home province.

Andrews is declaring he is first and foremost, in Ottawa to protect his constituents, and he won't take Harpers kick in the gut lying down.

Andrews is a street fighter in the political sense. A true backroom warrior who knocked on doors, ran campaigns, made phone calls, stuffed envelopes and held senior positions within the party, before being elected MP.

If Harper thinks he had a fight on his hands with a pissed off Danny Williams, he may have just bitten off more then he can chew now. Andrews won't lay down, these are his people, Newfoundland and Labrador is the province he loves, he stands up for loved ones.

Harper had better know when to back down. Kid Newfoundland can throw with the best of them, and our PM just picked a fight.


  1. This is an example of an MP doing what he was elected to do and keeping the promises he made to his constituents.

    Parliament needs more poeple like Scott Andrews and Bill Casey. Members who stand up for what they believe in when it comes to important issues.

    There are times when it is important to be a team player - you can't have MPs voting against their party every time - but the world needs more of this.

    Bono once said, "The World needs more Canada". In a blatant Bono rip off, I would suggest that, "Canada needs more Scott Andrews."

  2. Mr Andrews. Vote for your constituents but affirm your loyalty to the party and the leader. Ask Ignatieff to visit the riding, explain his support for the budget as a means of getting action into gear, and vow to meet the concerns of the province on this matter!

  3. I am very proud to say he is from Newfoundland. He is showing that he respects the people who put him in office. It is about time our representatives look out for us and not themselves.