Monday, January 26, 2009

Dastardly Debt duo

These are the two guys, who mere weeks ago said we should buy stock with all our extra money and that talk of deficits and recession were just liberal fear mongering. Do you really want these 2 in charge of your tax dollars.
Sources are saying the throne speech will be 600 words long. Harpers last speech 4000 words. Why the huge difference? Most likely because he was forced to treat this throne speech like an adult would, so after cutting out all the partisan garbage, the speech goes from 4000 to 600
Maybe that's the reason, who knows
After the Throne Speech you can be sure I will update...waiting now......44 minutes to go
The leaks we have seen from this government on the budget are awful. There response is, of course, the Liberals did it.
The facts are , the Liberals didn't. Yes, details about general programs were leaked, ie., more money for Health Care.
Harper touts out Ministers to give specific figures. This flies in the face of Parliamentary privilege. The MP's should be the first to see/hear budget info, of course after the government.
Harper just wants to get people talking about something else, because he knows if we talk about the real issue, his massive failures on the economy, that it may not be good for his image.

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