Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Harper to leave child soldier in jail

It seems I was a bit hasty. The talk from the Obama people is now much clearer. They will indeed be closing gitmo. In fact, all reports seems to indicate that it will be one of President Obama's first executive orders. Thank heavens. For Omar Khadr though, it may not be the end of the road. The Americans still may prosecute this Canadian, who was a child. Mr. Harpers response to the whole thing is a wait and see approach. He says we will have to see if he is charged and allow the court process to take shape. This is Mr. Harper at his most despicable. His first priority is to protect Canadians. This is a case where the United States Military regime attacked and charged a child, and Mr. Harper lets it happen. Leaders from the UK and other European countries stood up, raised concerns and demanded child soldiers be let go, and they achieved positive results. Harper seems content to let this Canadian wallow in an American military jail, a place which regularly denies him counsel and basic human rights.

All our Prime Minister needs to do is make the case, loud and publicly, use the skills he claims to have, and protect the children of our country.
Prime Minister Harper, according to CTV said, "The promise that president-elect Obama made was that he would close down the facilities at Guantanamo. That's primarily, as I understand it, because of the objection to the fact that many of the people at that facility aren't charged with anything," he told reporters in Vancouver.
"I don't think you can necessarily leap to the conclusion that it will affect people who have in fact been charged, and who are facing a legal process. We don't know the answer to that question."

Think about that statement. In it, Harper admits that many held there aren't charged with anything. So he clearly understands that this is a kangaroo court, where guilt or innocence don't matter. Harper thinks it's okay for a boy of 15, to be forced into war by his father, defending himself from attack and winding up in a jail without his basic rights protected.

I know I have made the point before, but consider it again. A Canadian citizen, born in our great country, can be held in a military jail, known for torture, without a trial, without rights, even though he/she is only a child. The Prime Minister has children, he should understand that a child can't be held accountable and treated like this, that, at the end of the day is the biggest problem, this was a kid, so where are the kid gloves.

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