Thursday, January 29, 2009

Canada's Charter of rights violated by Doctor

Below is a new story. The clinic director is trying to defend the doctor. Read it so you know where I am coming from. My reply to his sad excuse, which basically was saying she didn't say she wouldn't treat them, just that she thinks they are disease filled and had sexula problems.
Oh well, of course these women would feel comfortable using this doctor. I know if my doctor told me I was disgusting and he was used to dealing with people like me, that I would feel very comfortable. These women are being oppressed. They are being denied the most basic of rights.

I am not gay, so I can't fully feel the impact of this statement. I can imagine though. I can imagine, being gay, going to work and paying taxes, only to have those taxes pay the salary of Women who would refuse me health care because of her backwards hate filled views. I can imagine the pain and disgust it must cause are awful.
Where is our Prime Minister on this subject? His job is to defend the rights and security of all citizens.
If they weren't lesbians would the Conservative government stay silent? If it was a Cabinet Minister who was told he/she couldn't have access to health care? What will it take for someone to root out injustice, silence hate and eliminate the old conservative principles that too often are built on religious based discrimination.

This story made me sick to my stomach. Thank god I am not a lesbian or perhaps my upset stomach would go untreated.

This story is about a Doctor who refused to help a Lesbian couple. The article includes this little gem, in which she gave the reason as :

she has no experience treating gays and lesbians who have "sexual problems" and "a lot of diseases and infections." Her words. She thinks gays and lesbians have a lot of diseases and infections.

This Doctor, from Egypt, had to I hope, pass some tests and meet some standards before she could practice in our country, and accept tax payers dollars, some of those tax payers by the way are gay or lesbian. I would think the most basic standard would be that she FOLLOWS OUR LAWS.
This women should be deported. She has trampled on the Human rights of a Citizen.

To put this in perspective. Lets replace the Female Egyptian born Doctor, with a male Canadian born Doctor. If he told a lesbian couple the same thing as this women did, I suspect it would be headline news, the Doctor would loose his ability to practice medicine. Why are we allowing someone to come to our country, ignore our laws, commit what is in essence a hate crime against this couple and then collect taxpayers money.

Do we live in a country where we believe in rights, or do we just pay them lip service.

I suspect the PC police have the college of physicians and surgeons worried about the optics of going after someone who isn't from Canada. I suspect they fear they will be accused of prejudice if they go after this Doctor, who is a minority.

This case would be bigger news, like I said, if it was a white male saying this. It shouldn't matter who did it.
The injustice inflicted on these women is indefensible. She should be punished, and if at all possible forced to compensate these women and deported.

We send undesirables away from our shores, we don't embrace them. If we don't punish this women, severely, the message we are sending the Gay and Lesbian community is simple, your rights don't matter. That's not the Canada I know.

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