Sunday, January 25, 2009

Joan Jessome, Public enemy #1

Surprise surprise surprise. Joan Jessome may be leading another group into a strike. It's time we got rid of this women who will sacrifice the well being of those in her union, for more on Camera time for her.

My favorite part in the whole story is this line, from Joan;
"This is the traditional way bargaining goes, although it wasn’t our intention to stay there all day, because it’s just the money on the table. It’s just the wages," union president Joan Jessome said Saturday night.

The, " it wasn't our intention to stay there all day" part. Classic Joan. Sure she wants this strike to end, she is only looking out for kids and Union members, but she can't be bothered to negotiate all day. Sounds like concern to me. Sounds like someone had Saturday night plans. And by the way Joan, we know it's about wages, it's always about wages with you, always always always.

A few things about this whole Bus drivers strike that bother me.

First, the annoying ad they are running on Radio . The womens sad voice, says she is a school bus driver, and that the kids safety is their biggest concern. I am sure this is of cold comfort to the thousands of kids, who now have to walk slippery, dangerous, snow covered and sometimes impassable sidewalks to get to school. This seems very safe. I can just see it now, kids jumping over piles of sidewalk snow, out into traffic. Also in this ad, and in interviews with drivers, they all say they love their job. Alot of people hate their job. These people seem to have jobs they love, that have part time hours and pay what is roughly an average hourly rate in this Province, if you really love a job, pay isn't an issue. ( Yes they need to live, but again, the hourly rate is pretty average for this province)

Second, Joan said it wasn't fair that her Union members get no benefits and pensions, and the salary is too low. Isn't this Joans fault? I know people in Unions, if they didn't receive benefits, pensions and had, as Joan describes it, low pay, they would can their union boss. Why has Joan allowed this to become so bad ? Why, because no TV network would do a story on a well managed Union, it's only in Joans own created chaos does she get her needed air time.

Third, while I don't think it's an amazing salary, $12-14 an hour, for what is part time work, isn't bad. I know other people who make less money and work more hours, they would never take it out on kids, they take it up with their employees.
Joan isn't concerned with her members, if she was she wouldn't be constantly overseeing strikes. A union leader is supposed to ensure his/her members are well taken care of, not just be strike planners.

I love how Joan or one of her people always say, we are doing everything we can to ensure your kids get to school safe and on time. That's such a load of....well you know. If she were doing "everything " she could, she would keep the buses running. She always says she isn't trying to punish kids or parents, but they are always the only ones to get punished. Joan knows this, just too cowardly to admit it.

Nova Scotia has three major impediments in the way of our progress. 1- Joan Jessome and her strike or bust attitude scares away more jobs then she creates. She has yet to see a strike she can avoid, or a TV Camera for that matter.
2- Phil Pacey and his anti-anything newer than 100 years crusade.
3- A government with no backbone to stand up to fools like Joan, and no plan to address our growth needs.

It's sad really. Joan Jessome is the big problem. She dresses up like she is heading out to a cruise ship showing of Chers greatest hits, and goes before the Camera to plead the case of her common folk members. The members need to realise, the general population , doesn't respond well to a women who tells them they will have to deal with the headaches she is creating, and shows little sympathy. She is a terrible public face for your members. She does you harm . and is a media hog who strives for the attention.

Be smart union members, get rid of Joan. I guarantee the tax paying public, whose money you want and kids you are paid to drive, will have a much better image of you.

Oh and tell Joan , when she wants to go on TV, to beg for more money, and to plead the poverty case on behalf of members, perhaps all the big jewelery, dangly earrings and frills you have should be kept under wraps. Try to appear like you are one of them. They wear jeans and sweaters, you wear diamonds and leather. Joan needs a crash course in PR, or better yet a crash course on how to retire early. Do us all a favour Joan, if you want to be on TV, become an actor, not a Union boss.


  1. Hell yeah! Keep up the great work, that giant hog Joan is really hurting the case of all union members!

  2. I found this through searching "Joan Jessome annoying" lol. Every time I hear that woman on the radio it drives me crazy. Now it's about the nurses again. Yeah, being a nurse is a stressful job, same with being a bus driver, but you ARE well compensated and if you can't handle it then do something else. There'll always be other people who are more temperamentally suited to the job who won't cry for raises and threaten to strike every five minutes. So sick of unions now.