Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Ezra Levant, Canada's boy who cries wolf.

Poor Ezra, what a terrible world it must be for him. If you follow his blog at all, you would think this world is hot bed of anti-semitic feelings and that Jews of the world are under daily attack.

I like Ezra, if not for his ability to stir it up, than for his ability to live in a fantasy world, but still function in normal society. It seems that in Ezras' view, anyone who objetcs to anything that the IDF or Israel does, is anti-semitic. Rich for a guy who stirred up trouble and offended millions of Muslims with his support for cartoon drawings of the Prophet.

Ezra, no military genius, says on his blog that Israel can handle itself in Gaza. Just when will this start? They have already backed away from their goal at the biegining of this siege. They lost to Hezbollah, and now face Hamas and are finding that fighting against peoplpe who are in essence fighting for freedom, isn't so easy. The IDF can't win this fight, they have proven it, that is why they turn to blanket bombings of civilain targets and even UN real estate.

Ezra refers to marchers in the streets of Canada as radical Muslim groups, who wave the terrorist flag of Hezbollah. That seems fair and not biased at all. Ezra always has been pro-Israel, and clearly anti-democracy . I say this because he forgets to mention, that groups like Hezbollah and Hamas, were elected, are political parties and like Ehud Olmert, had to win support from their people. If Hamas and Hezbollah can only be considered terror groups, than the IDF surely has to fall into that group. I mean no army would bomb places of worship, schools, hospitals, United Nations buildings, and deny people food and basic human rights. Only a terror group would inflict such evil, a kind of evil not seen since the holocaust. For those who don't like the comparison, I ask you this, what would you call it when people are forced to live in a certain place, surrounded by military, attacked daily, denied food, water, health care etc, where killings go unpunished and you are literally surrounded by a wall, erected by a military force. I call it forced confinement, and the United Nations has condemned it for years. But if you ask Ezra, he would probably just say the UN is anti-Semitic

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