Friday, January 23, 2009

Harper Loses a close ally in Bush

It must be hard to lose a good friend. Stevie, as his good buddy Bush called him, lost not only a fellow neo-con, but an ideological soul mate. Harpers government, from it's policies to its electoral strategy, comes straight from the books of Karl Rove and Dick Cheney.

If you want to know why our Country is in the mess it is, I encourage you to watch this 31 second clip:

The site highlights the striking similarities between Bush and Harper, and in turn the Cons/reform party and the Republicans.

This isn't the kind of leader we need. Harper is easily one of the most Republican/religious conservative leaders in the free world.

Remember " Yo Harper".

It was that moment that best describes Harpers worshipping of Bush. NO self respecting leader of our Country should ever allow a US President, or anyone disrespect the office in such away. Harper seemed to liked it, his hero talking to him, just sad. Bush would have known better than to talk to Chretien or Martin that way.

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