Thursday, January 22, 2009

Potato Pete's Pathetic Pooch house performance

Peter " Bye Bye Jobs" MacKay is at it again. Under his watch , the political Minister/Puppet for Nova Scotia has watched as thousands of jobs have vanished. We saw it at Moirs, Trenton Works and now lumber mills.
According to the CBC, a Century Old business will be forced to close its doors, devastating its employees and their families.
The damage to the community will be swift. A hundred years of solid business destroyed in a few years by a government that doesn't seem to care about anything beyond partisan gains.
MacKay is supposed to stand up for Nova Scotia. How does he show it? By supporting Harper on the Atlantic Accord, and not standing shoulder to shoulder with Bill Casey, on the side of Nova Scotians. He helps engineer an economic strategy that has seen thousands of job losses locally, and many more nationally. He allows Navy ships, based on the Atlantic Coast, to be shipped to Vancouver to ensure their shipyard workers have jobs, not ours.
He is either blind and can't see that Harper is using him as punching bag and trying to ruin his career by damaging our province, or he likes the warmth that comes from being so snuggled up close to Harper and his backside, that he doesn't mind if the rest of us suffer.
MacKay should take the lead of Bill Casey, stand up for his province and do his job.
Sadly, while writing this article, another NOva Scotia business was announcing job cuts. Hundred of employees of ACA in the Annapolis Valley are losing their jobs, and Peter remains silent.

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