Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Like sex without foreplay, a budget with no stimulus

I have a cat, Carmen. He does things he isn't supposed to do like scratches furniture, wakes us up in the middle of the night and so on. We have given up yelling, cause all it does is startle the cat for a few seconds , then he acts bad again.

Harper is like my cat. He was scolded for his first budget, and throne speech. He almost lost his job. He was startled. And for a few seconds acted nice.

His budget shows me he doesn't get it. We are in a time of serious economic crisis and needed stimulus. This budget means a family with a combined income of $100,000 will save about $250. How is this stimulus.

Listen to Mayors, some won't be able to use the infrastructure money cause they are cash strapped.

Over 2 years Harper has made billions in announcements for infrastructure, but it was never used because Mayors couldn't afford their 1/3. This problem still remains.

In a budget where ensuring people stimulate the economy is key, giving across the board tax cuts don't cut it. Someone who makes more than $150, 000 /year, won't go right out and spend the few extra dollars they see on their paycheque. That money than, meant to stimulate the economy, will sit in a bank.

Harper wanted to sa badly to please everyone, that he did nothing. This budget was like sex without the foreplay, no stimulus, over fast, not something to brag about.

I hope Ignatieff asks for some major changes. I hope he gets them, or I hope the GG comes to her senses and gets rid of Harper.

This budget will fix nothing, only make it worse.


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