Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Did Oprah gain weight on purpose?

UPDATE: Let me say this . I am not saying she did, no evidence, facts etc., I just think it's funny how many people read this and said to me they thought it too.....I don't want Oprahs' lawyers on me. Keep that in mind when you read the post from earlier.

I have to hand it to Oprah, she is a genius. Next to Sumo wrestlers and world champion hot dog eaters, she is about the only person I know who gains weight and makes more money by doing so. The recent fodder about her weight gain has helped to turn around her sagging numbers. I have heard it argued that her recent drop in viewers was related to the belief by some that she was losing her common touch, I argue you lose that once you make your first $100 million, something I am sure Oprah accomplished years ago. I see merit in this argument, her over the top endorsement of Obama, reminded us that she has a hefty ego to go along with her wallet, and now waist line. Oprah's viewers, from what I gather from my sometimes viewership, care about books she recommends, the health of their bowels, free stuff and Dr.Phil. They didn't want her views on politics, but she pushed and pushed. This brings me back to the weight gain.

If indeed her numbers were dropping, and if in fact it was cause she looked less common, what better way to relate to her viewers ( mostly American, the fattest nation on earth) then by gaining a few.
We can't argue these facts. Her weight gain has focused attention on her, she is all over CNN, Talk shows, E News etc.,
I would venture to guess that she will do a special , all about weight loss/gain, maybe a book. We have seen her on TV talking about her struggles and she seems sincere.

I do know this, Oprah is a genius, and this weight gain has helped her wallet get fatter also. Is it just pure coincidence? Probably. Or better yet, is it smart damage control? Possibly. But would I be shocked if this plan wasn't devised behind closed doors, perhaps over burgers, not at all. The one thing I do know is that Oprah has one big fat wallet .

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