Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Breaking News:Harpers $105 billion dollar boondoggle

I almost fell out of my chair. The Parliaments Budgetary watchdog appointed by Harper himself, has said our deficits could go as high $105 billion. Wiping out every bit of progress made under previous Liberal governments.

Harper and Flaherty have in 2 short years taken our economy from healthy to devastated. The legacy Harper wants to leave to our future generations is increasing debt , damaged environment, collapsing Health care system, weakly funded education systems and hyper partisan Parliament.

Harpers own words , only a few months ago, prove he is either completely incompetent or lied to us. When Liberals warned that Harpers economic ways would bring about deficits, He, and his friends in the media called Liberals fear mongers and Harper said, under him there would be no deficit.

Harper has gone from saying no deficit, to creating a $105 Billion..with a B deficit. I wonder why all those Conservative supporters who said only Tories could handle the economic crisis have gone so quiet. Nothing worse than being wrong, and not being able to admit it. Harpers support is plummeting in George Bush style.

Harper looks like yesterdays man when next to Obama. Obama shows us that we deserve better, Harper reminds us why we should never trust the Cons again. Lied about deficits, lied about Senate appointments, lied about Income Trusts.

Anyone remember Mulroney, Buchanan, Harris......Tory times are tough times. Never was a more true statement uttered in Canadian politics.

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