Monday, January 19, 2009


I thought I would add a little zing to my blog, by giving you more than my tired old views. I will venture to highlight the headline news of the day, local, national and international. A few headlines with link and commentary on the days news.

My thought is that perhaps you can come for some news and stay for some readiong pleasure. Also, since most of my posts, deal with current news, it would be helpful to ensure access to the news I am getting, so I can be as fair as possible.

So here is my first go at it:

In the Chronicle Herald there is a great story about speeding and the dangers of the 101, as well as a great article on the continuing saga of the Armour group trying to create jobs vs the heritage group trying to lock us in the past.

The globe and Mail today has several great reads. Some news on the Gaza truce. An update on jailed Canadian Child soldier Omar Khadr, a story about the mortgage crisis situation, where American based insurance companies want the Canadian taxpayer to fully guarantee their products. As is stated in the article; Such a move would make the federal government ultimately liable for all of the hundreds of billions of dollars in insured mortgage debt.
And a story I have blogged about today( if you are reading this it is the next post on the page ), Senator Brazeau and the missing money

In sports news, Steelers and Cardinals in the Superbowl, leafs still suck, Ottawa is getting better( still awful) and the Habs are shaky. In the west, Vancouvers recent Sundin trade hasn't been huge yet, i note yet, and the flames and oilers, same old same old.

The big news of the day is the less that 24 hour away swearing in of Barack Obama, I will be glued tight to the TV, and you can be sure more is to come on this subject.

I can smell my coffee now, I am off, be back soon with more news, stories etc.,

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