Monday, January 19, 2009

Iggys' steady hand approach.

I love the Liberal bloggers who seem to be so in shock that Iggy may take his time and not force an election ( I think the GG has shown she is no outside the box thinker and surely would allow an election over coalition). He is doing exactly, and correctly , what he said he would. He has traveled the country, listened at well attended town halls, and now is conversing with caucus on how to proceed.

I want Harper gone as badly as the next. I don't want him just gone, I want his ideology soundly rebuked. The way we do that is by building a Liberal party that can win a strong and decisive majority. Recent elections and polls show that no majority is likely on either side now. While Ignatief is giving us a strong, and what I believe will be a continued bump in poll numbers, he/we also have to address the parties debt, organization, policy etc.,

Iggy has already begun that process, and has made some strong additions to his office. A national meeting will be held in Vancouver, coming out of it we can present Canadians with a strong, moderate, progressive platform, and then fight and election on solid ground, both financially and organizationally.

Of course, if Harper uses the budget the way he did his economic statement, and doesn't properly address the needs of those Canadians who most need it now, our hand will be forced. So be it. It may be a tough fight, but a fight Liberals can win, if Harper wants to pick it.

I just can't see Harper, after what happened, and the crisis we face, not putting forward a budget we all can get behind. He has too, Canadians, not liberals demand it, and won't stand for any less, they have had enough Ottawa nonsense. They will tell us whether to defeat, or support, that you can count on.

Let's remember who we are with and who we are against, give Iggy the chance, he is exceeding expectations already.

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