Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Bye Bye Bush

Today is the day, Bush is Gone Barrack is in. What started in Illinois, on a cold windy day, was an improbable search for a new way. A man, with as he says it, little supporters, no money and little chance to win, has transformed a world. I know that sounds impressive, and maybe over reaching but it's not. A recent survey showed that many Americans, who mere months ago felt differently, now feel Dr. Kings dream has been realised. The number of African Americans who believe it has skyrocketed.

Obamas victory is evidence that, man and women, of any colour, when given the chance, Will always vote for the better candidate. Election night was a victory for dreams and ambition, not just Obama. My words will never clearly capture the greatness of the occasion, so I leave it with you, to watch, enjoy and hopefully remember.

Other things did happen in the world today, but most will get lost in the shuffle, so here are a few headlines:

www.herald.ns.ca A great story in it today about Conrad Black not getting a pardon from Bush.
Gen. Walt Natynczyk, chief of the defence staff, spoke to several hundred people at a Pier 21 fundraiser. He talked about the need to build new warships, does this mean worker for our shipbuilders, let's hope so. And Mayor Peter Kelly is asking the URB to look into the NS power outage issue. I agree with Mayor Kelly, every storm and power goes out, this isn't normal.


Omar Khard has mentioned Maher Arar , according to the FBI. Arar, tortured in Syria, and paid millions by the Canadian government to settle their liability, has always claimed innocence, and I for one believed him. Could this prove to have been one of the biggest scams ever pulled by a terrorist, or more here say. This will be interesting to see.

Todays news is lost in Obama-mania, so I will have more to come, but for now, enjoy and celebrate. A new day has dawned.

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