Thursday, January 29, 2009

BREAKING:Harper Official: Good fiscal position

These guys just don't get it, here is a quote from Ted Menzies, the PS to the Finance Minister. It is in response to a question from John McCallum. John asked Mr. Menzies to admit they had brought in the first deficit in over 10 years, but Mr. Menzies seems to think everything is okay.

That is the reason Canada is in the good fiscal position that it is in going into this global economic recession. We are better able to fight it. We are better able to adapt to what Canadians need. We will come out of this even stronger.

In his pre-amble, Menzies said they had paid down some debt. It should be noted the ability to make those early debt payments were set in place by the former Liberal government. This budget is the first budget to reflect the policies and fiscal tactics of this government. And as we see, complete failure.

Only a Conservative would ever think of using the phrase good fiscal position to describe a government who has spent us back into deficit.

I wonder what kind fo weasel words they will use to spin this. The problem is, the Tories think things aren't bad. Well, better yet, the tories refuse, and always have refused, to ever admit error. If they admit we aren't in a strong fiscal position, they have to admit error. It's not in their DNA.

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