Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Ignatieff brings adult supervision- And Real Solutions

I must say this, I admittedly wasn't in favour of supporting this budget. I didn't think there were enough things in the budget to actually spur growth. My political junkie side said go for the Jugular. Alan J, one of Canada's finest politicians, was often of the mind that you take the chance to form a government when possible. That in fact is the goal of a political party, to govern.

I also, having been involved in politics for too many years to admit, understand strategy, pragmatism and caution have to be measured into your equation.

Ignatieff has done something that no other politician has been able to do in recent memory. He has brought a calming, mature approach. He, as is his duty as opposition leader, has told Mr.Harper that he needs to start cooperating, focusing on Dinner Table issues, stop being a partisan bulldog, and govern, or he, Mr.Ignatieff, is fully prepared and ready to topple this government and replace it with a Liberal Majority.

Mr. Ignatieff has said he will be watching like a Hawk, being the catalyst to ensure the money Harper pledges, he spends. This is something cities and municipalities have said Harper has done in the past. ( That is announce money, but never hand it out).

Finally an adult has joined the fray. I have decided I will support the parties stance. While I may have concerns with the budget, Ignatieff has done more than enough to show he too understands that the budget needs improvement, and he is going to do all he can to ensure it does indeed improve.
Ignatieff has already made the budget better. Imagine how good it would have been if he had written it.


  1. I'd have to agree. In these trying times you can't please everyone but it's probably the best of a bad situation. But there's still a part of me that would love to see Iggy CRUSH the smugness off the face of Stevie...

  2. or he, Mr.Ignatieff, is fully prepared and ready to topple this government and replace it with a Liberal Majority

    Who is going to give him a majority, definitely not the voters. He lost support by this!