Thursday, January 22, 2009

Flaherty's Fiscal Fiasco

Despite his warm and fuzzy cat cuddling image...can you believe this sad attempt to look kind... Harper is causing some real heartaches and rough times in this great country.
This isn't my first post on this topic, but the news is fast and furious. Harpers Finance flunky Jim Flaherty has really put us in a bind. This years deficit $30 billion plus.

I remind you that this news, comes from a Prime Minister and Finance Minister who mere weeks ago said there was no recession and no need for deficit spending. $30 billion plus this year, and next, with at least 5 more years of no surplus. The $100 billion mark is in within Harpers reach, and that's the problem, this so called economist seems to be doing everything he can to ruin our economy.

Below is a copy of text from a CTV online article

Just two months ago, the Tories flatly dismissed that deficit spending was imminent and championed their conservative fiscal policies.
And during the fall federal election, Harper said repeatedly that his government would keep the country's finances out of the red.
( Link to story below)

Harper has become , in my opinion, so clearly duplicitous, that I can't believe he doesn't know it.

Whether or not you were a fan of Prime Ministers past, I can scarcely remember one who so often would say one thing and do another; Income trusts, Senate appointments, fixed elections, promise to Cape Breton Veterans widow, no deficit spending and on and on.

The tired excuse of the Economic times have changed is dead. Every other party and Canadian recognised the crisis in October. Harper told us to buy stocks with all our extra money, not worry about a recession and that the books would be balanced. The crisis has indeed changed the outlook, but the challenge still could have been met with more planning and preparedness.
Harper was too busy being partisan, too scared of losing his job to be paying attention. Now Canadians pay.

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