Friday, January 9, 2009

Harper appointee accused of sexual harassment

Stephen Harper has done it this time. He was so blinded by partisan desires that he appointed a man in his 30's ( will keep his salary for 40+ years) to the Senate who is accused of amongst other things, sexual harassment and drinking on the job. It should also be noted many in his group, the Manitoba wing of the Congress of Aboriginal peoples', were fired before they could bring it up at a National meeting. The globe and mail article goes on to describe how many saw his move as politically motivated and warned him against it.

Was this man vetted at all. Will Canadians now be on the hook for millions of dollars in salary to keep this man in a job until 75. I want Mr. Harper to explain how in any way shape or form, this man will be good for our country. I recognise the need to have a more diverse Senate, and the appointment of Aboriginals and first nations is needed, but Mr. Brazeau is anything but a shining example to other first nations peoples, or anyone for that matter. What an insult to members of the First Nations community, who have in their ranks thousands of talented and much more worthy individuals.

How will Harper explain this away? He won't , he'll just ignore it and say, " it's a legal matter I can't comment".

Economy collapsing, silence on Palestine-Israel war, flip flopped on Senate appointments, income trusts, widowers pensions, appoints questionable, but loyal tory supporters to senate.

I wouldn't be surprised to see Mr. Harper fly, he says he can't, but I am not sure if I can believe anything he says now.

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