Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Don Newman shocked by Bairds Comments

Here is the clip. The section is from about 9:35-10:40. Newman seem shocked that Baird says he wasn't ever told by Municipal leaders that money is an issue.

I like how Don keeps saying , " really?!"

If for whatever reason the clip won't load, it is on the CBC politics website, Monday January 26th edition.

I have added some articles, written during the time Baird met with Municipal leaders. It clearly indicates Mayors and Wardens are telling Baird that money is an issue for them.

In these articles he talks about getting rid of red tape as a desire all parties have. They all want to see this happen, because it recognizes that currently not enough money is available, and they need to free it up. In other words, it recognizes that Municipalities don't have the access to the capital they need now to create jobs.

So I ask again, when Newman mentions that he has heard Mayors say they don't have the money to get these projects started, and Baird says he has never heard that, just what does he mean?

Look, if I am reading these articles and statements incorrectly, then I will eat my words, but come on, take away the spin and arguments around wording, and don't we see a contradiction in what Baird says from one day to the next?

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