Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Obamas' bump--for the Liberals

There was a great globe and mail article today,

Not only does the article highlight the impressive job the new Liberal leader is doing , but it highlights the poor job Harper is doing it. More than half, 55%, of Canadians do not approve of how Harper is handling things,

“That is a very bad number,” Ekos president Frank Graves said of the disapproval rating. “That is getting up into [former U.S. president] George W. Bush numbers. Not quite, but 10 more points, and you're up to as bad as it gets for elected leaders.”

Harper is about as popular as Bush. This comes as no shock, and proves that his recent victory had little to do with him, and much more to do with weak opposition. We now see a new leader, in Ignatief, who Canadians are warming to ( his favourables are higher then Harper, already)
who and who clearly would be a much better leader for our Country when it comes to dealing with Obama. The fact is this, Obama is an instant cultural icon. He is credited by some, with single handedly changing the image of the Bush bruised America.
Harpers ideology is out of whack with Obama's. We will need to work with the US administration. Iggy is such better suited to do just that, Canadians know it, and Harper is worried.
I doubt Harper has the political or personal strength or ability to best Ignatief in an election. We all will watch what a Liberal Government can do for people, as we watch Obama get to work. Canadians will want the same from their government. Who can honestly say that if you prefer the politics of Obama, you would vote for Harper over the Liberal Party of Ignatief.

When Obama comes to Canada, Harper will stand close and try to steal some of the love, and maybe boost his own number. The problem is, the comparison, once Harper wants to make it, is there to talk about, and Harper, unlike Iggy, offers nothing similar to what Obama does. If I were Harper I would stay away from Obama. Some may argue that to stand beside him will boost Harpers image. I argue just the opposite. If I park my Ford Focus next to a Mercedes, it doesn't make my car look better, just reminds people how great the Mercedes is. Harper next to Obama will just remind people what we have, but could have. Like I said, if I was Harper I would stay away, but since I want Harper gone, my free advice to Harper, stand next to Obama alot.

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