Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Ezras' anger.

I want to make something clear, so as not to make him too angry at me, although he always seems angry anyway. I don't think Ezras' a bad guy, don't think he is racist, or prejudiced or anything of the sort, but he does display a great example of the Israel above everything else attitude that too many have, and which makes the debate so frustrating.

What do I mean? Simple, I have heard people who are dubbed Pro-Palestine by the media, admit that Hamas does terrible things, and want Hamas and Hezbollah gone. These individuals readily admit fault on both sides, and for the most part accuse Israel of excessive force. This means they accept the premise that Israel has a right and obligation to respond. This to me, is fair and balanced criticism. They are accepting war is messy and blame, usually, isn't limited to one side.

On counter, I rarely hear anyone who is dubbed Pro-Israel, admit any wrong doing. They will say they are sorry innocents get killed, and wish it wasn't the case, but will always say it is the fault of Hamas. The inability to accept any of the responsibility for this war, coupled with the IDF's refusal to allow journalists to see first hand what is happening, and censoring all media coverage, demonstrates clearly that Israel, and many of the nations supporters have developed a "we know what's best, and no one else does" philosophy.

This war will only be ended through diplomatic, face to face actions. Through cooperation, understanding and international assistance, this situation can calm down. This won't happen only by military might, and the pools of cooperation have been polluted by Israels' our way or the highway stance.

Israel has a right to defend against attack. If they truly believe in that theory, than there are family members of the nearly 4000 killed or injured Palestinians, who were attacked, and now have justification, if precedent means anything, to attack Israel.

Israeli citizens deserve peace, happiness, calm. Palestinians deserve peace, happiness, calm, and freedom. As history shows, people will fight, and die, for freedom. A freedom that can be so easily granted and created, through dialogue.

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