Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Will Bill Casey replace Rodney MacDonald

Nova Scotia politician turned folk hero, Bill Casey has decided to call it quits. The Chronicle Herald reports that Mr.Casey will not run in the next federal election.


Note in the story how he says he will explore new directions. That has provincial tories drooling. The thought of Bill Casey as their leader gives even the most disgruntled tory supporter, and there are alot of them, hope.

I hate to be the bearer of more bad news to these tory faithful, but on top of the fact that you will have to face a reinvigorated, and surging provincial liberal Party and leader, you will have to do it without Bill.

If he has proven anything, Mr.Casey has proven he will rise above the political spin, and stand up for his constituents and what he and they believe is right, he is not blindly partisan.

Mr. Casey is not a good fit in the Nova Scotia PC Party, in its current shape. This party is too lost. Floating from one crisis to another, with no real direction or even philosophy. Bungled programs and legislation and a general lack of control ( 4 wheelers for kids with taxpayers dollars, Sunday shopping, regulated gas, delayed budgets,conflict of interest from Cabinet Ministers, patronage appointments to former Cheifs of Staff, the list goes on).

The only thing we can be certain to hear from our Prem, is a partisan take on everything, the only action we can be certain of, is sadly inaction.

The soon to be held provincial election will surely see Rodney and friends tossed. Stephen McNeil has made great leaps forward not only in creating a strong, and increasingly popular image personally, but in rebuilding the Liberal party's machine. Darrel Dexter is stable, but seems to have peaked, albeit at a high level and has a strong shot at the big job. My guess is the Liberal party will retake a large chunk of vote they lost to the tories in past elections, and some soft NDP vote. Outside Metro the liberals will be strong, the tories will collapse, and Halifax will be a relatively equal mix of all three parties.

While sitting in the opposition, and most likely third place parties benches in the Nova Scotia Legislature certainly is a new direction, I am not sure if it's a path Mr. Casey would be willing, or wise to take. My advice to Mr.Casey, go out on a high note, you are well respected and admired, both properly deserved. Look at life through a new lens, spend time with family, friends, take a vacation, and stay away from that Rodney, no good can come from it.

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